5 Secrets To Achieving EVERYTHING You Want In Life

Real estate investing is one of the only businesses that will allow you to have the lifestyle you want, without putting a limit on what you can achieve. But it’s not automatic. It takes action.

That’s really what separates investors who achieve their goals from investors who do not. The investors who achieve their goals are the ones who took action – lots and lots of massive, persistent, FOCUSED action.

In this blog post, I want to do two things: I want to reveal 5 secrets to taking massive focused action, and I want to update you with the things that are going on with me right now.


Massive Focused Action Lesson #1: Massive “Focused” Action is the only thing that counts in this business.


Talk is cheap. It’s easy to say you’re going to do something. Your ability to achieve your goals has nothing to do with what you say you’re going to do. Instead, it has everything to do with what you actually do.

I’m talking action, baby. Getting $#!+ done! :) Making it happen. I’m talking about getting up and pushing pushing pushing all day until you fall into bed exhausted at night because you gave 200%.

THAT is an action-taker and anyone who is an action-taker is in the fast lane toward accomplishing their dreams.

I must warn you though; if you are taking ACTION without direction it’s going to frustrate you so find someone who’s actually doing the business daily and can show you how to EXPEDITE your progress. (I see it among the investors who come to my Deal-a-thons – they’re focused action-takers who show up looking to take their business to the next level and I show them exactly how to do it. For more info, check out my Deal-a-thon page).

Are you a talker? Or are you a doer?


Massive Focused Action Lesson #2: Your dreams and goals don’t care what your schedule looks like; You need take massive focused action even if you’re busy. (With that said, you’re never too busy if it’s important to you.)


On August 4th, Deena and I took a limo to the airport and boarded a plan to Malibu. While in Malibu, I’ll be smoking cigars on the beach while I do virtual deals. And as I post this, I’ve just finished another Deal-A-Thon from August 13 – 15 in LA. It was really exciting to see investors take focused action and come away with deals happening. (Want to join me next time to take focused action at a Deal-a-thon? Bookmark this page and watch for future Deal-a-thon dates).

And just as fast as I can make money on deals while in Malibu, Deena will be spending it :) because...

... The DM is getting married!

That’s right. After a short 8 year engagement, The DM and Deena are tying the knot in beautiful Malibu.

[caption id="attachment_936" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The DM and Deena are tying the knot in Malibu[/caption]

The wedding will take place on August 28th at one of our favorite spots in Malibu.

How committed am I to my real estate business? I could afford to take a month or two off to get married but I’m not. I’m doing deals because I love it and because massive focused action is so important, no matter how busy you are. It’s our duty to constantly be growing.


Massive Focused Action Lesson #3: Opportunity doesn’t take a vacation; you need take massive focused action even if you’re relaxing and enjoying life.


We’ll have barely said “I do” when we jet off to Maui for the month of September, in an amazing condo at The Whaler. (Watch my Facebook page for pics).

And yeah, it might be a honeymoon/vacation but don’t be surprised if you hear that I’m closing deals too! I have a bunch of deals on the go right now and I expect to close up strong in August and September.

Plus I’ve got some other stuff cooking to take my business to the next level – some awesome marketing and book-writing pieces that I’ll tell you about later. (Still in the planning stages – don’t want to give anything away too soon).

This is what The DM will look like in Maui[/caption]

Of course I’ll be hanging out with Deena, touring the islands, enjoying the nightlife. But even when I’m relaxing, I’ve built the business to be taking massive focused action for me. (If you’re wondering if I work 24/7, keep reading because I’ll talk about this shortly).

I have a mastermind meeting with 100 multi-millionaires for 3 days and then I’m doing a $10,000 per person Exclusive Deal-A-Thon September 24 - 26... this is where we take a handful of SUPER serious investors by the hand. And this is a HUGE one... get this: Each investor that comes to this once-in-a-lifetime experience is going to get a 1,000 person investor database created by myself and my team that will allow them to make passive income and extract serious buyers.

This isn’t just for anyone. This is for the person who wants to take the business to a whole other level.

I’ve never offered anything like this before... truth is, for an investor to go out and get the 1,000 investor database, it would take them months (if not years) and over $10,000 just for this piece.

You’ll get all this and soooo much more. If you’re ready to step up the game and realize you want to expedite the learning curve and have deals rolling in an instant, CLICK HERE and let’s talk one on one.


Massive Focused Action Lesson #4: Massive focused action doesn’t stop at the US border; you need to take massive action from anywhere in the world.


Then in October, Deena and I are headed even farther west – to Australia, New Zealand, Bora Bora, and some other really cool and exotic places. (Still putting the full itinerary in place so stay tuned for more on this!)

Even when I’m traveling around the world – from sailing through Venice, to walking the 42 days walk known as the Camino de Santiago, to riding on the back of an elephant in India – I’m still doing deals. Technology allows investors to do deals regardless of where you happen to be.

So travel around and enjoy the country, the continent, or the world... when you take massive focused action, you’re not limited by borders.

The only borders we are limited by are the ones between our ears.

We are held back only by the things we allow to hold us back[/caption]


Massive Focused Action Lesson #5: Massive focused action takes leverage.


As you’ve been reading my itinerary for the next couple of months, you might wonder “how the heck will The DM ever have time to rest?” Or, “Is Deena going to be by herself at the altar while The DM is on the phone doing a deal?” Or, “Is the DM working 24/7?

Of course not.

Real estate investing allows you to construct the life you want to live and work as little or as much as you want to work, from wherever you want to spend your time.

The secret to taking massive focused action without a 24/7 schedule is to use leverage: Leverage other people’s time and talents by building a team of people who can do the work for you. From sending out direct mail to calling motivated sellers to contacting buyers to editing and posting these blog posts to ensuring that everything is running smoothly... all of these critical pieces are in motion no matter where I am, even when I’m on a plane or at the altar. :) But when I sit down to work, I make sure that these pieces are moving forward. I’m taking massive focused action when I choose to work by checking in on each team member and ensuring that they have everything they need from me and from others.

That’s how it’s possible to take action even when you’re busy, relaxing, or traveling the world. Take massive focused action by building a team and putting them to work for you.

This is very important NOTE: You must start thinking "how can I work on my business more... not in it as much?" That's crucial if you want to succeed at the highest level you start thinking and acting like this. STOP doing all the small things that others will gladly do for $5-$20 dollars and hour. There are a lot of great resources available today to get things off your plate and allow you to focus on the things that make you wealthy. (Take this in chunks. It’s not meant to be done overnight! Pick the single biggest thing sucking up your time in your business and find someone to hand it off to. Thank me later!)


Now It’s Time For You To Take Massive Focused Action...


Folks, talk is cheap. Want to know what speaks louder than words? Action. FOCUSED ACTION. Lots of it. And, want to know what will help you get you to your goals faster than you ever thought possible? Action. Lots of it. MASSIVE amounts of focused action, in fact.

So what are you going to do? Just sit there? Forget it. Go out there and take action. Do something. Move your dream one yard closer to the goal line.

Here’s what I want you do to right now:

In the comments, write out the one thing you are going to take focused action on right now... and then go do it. And when you’re done, I want to you to write in the comments that you did it.

Seriously. I want action takers to fill up the comments section below with comments about actions you're going to take... and then comments about when they did them. Get started now!

Your action-taking friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

P.S. if you want to send me a wedding gift I’m registered at all the banks :) ...

P.P.S. Add your comment below with the focused action you’re going to take... Do it now! And then add another comment when you complete it.

P.P.P.S. I want to see you take even more focused action! Join me in Maui for my Exclusive Deal-A-Thon on September 24 - 26. Click here to get in touch and we’ll talk one-on-one.

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