A shocking secret from the inner sanctum of real estate investor experts

I'm going to reveal a shocking secret that the top guru real estate investors talk about in hushed tones behind closed doors. I might get into trouble revealing this secret but it MUST be shared because it is something that is holding YOU back from being a successful real estate investor.

There are really only two types of real estate investors...

There are the successful real estate investors. Sure, they might not all be making a zillion dollars a year or running their business from a beach in Maui, but they are on their way. They are taking action and moving forward in their business. Even if they are only doing their first deal, I would still call them successful because they are moving forward to achieving their goals.

Then there are the other group of people, and this is the secret that the gurus don't talk about: This group is sometimes called the "7-Year Newbies". A 7-year newbie says they want to be a real estate investor but they take years doing the following:

  • They look at deals but never put any under contract
  • They invest in books and DVDs and systems
  • They go to seminars and webinars yet to never make money
  • They read and re-read forms
  • They bookmark all the top real estate investing guru website and read them
  • They write ads but never place the ads
  • They think about a business name

Now, there's nothing really wrong with doing those things but the difference between a successful real estate investor and a 7-year newbie is...

A DEAL!!!!!

The successful real estate investor finds buyers, finds a property, and puts a deal together. The 7 Year Newbie spends more time thinking and dreaming and never actually does the work needed to move forward.

The 7-year newbie is living a lie. They THINK they are busy with real estate investing work but what they are really doing is busy collecting knowledge… instead of doing a deal. (I'm being blunt here for a very good reason: I know there are 7-year newbies who are reading this and I desperately WANT you to be SUCCESSFUL! I want to shake you out of your comfort zone and get you moving forward on a deal).

If you are just starting in the world of real estate investing – maybe you've only started thinking about it in the last couple of weeks, then this blog post isn't for you. You're only getting your feet wet. (Welcome aboard to the Mark Evans DM community! You will want to start taking action right now to get started. Here are 3 great ways to get started:

  1. Bookmark this blog and check back here often.
  2. Add your name and email address to the form on the right to get the 7 Fatal Flaws report as well as access to a bunch of other stuff (including deals and tools and invitations to teleclasses)!
  3. Go to www.PushButtonBuyers.com to sign up for a free account to get buyers for your deals.

However – and this will shock (and perhaps even offend) some of you – if you have been "thinking" about real estate investing for 6 months or more and you don't have buyers or a deal under contract, you are at a HIGH risk of becoming a 7-year newbie!

Fortunately, there's one simple solution: Take action! Take at least one bold step today to set up your business, find buyers, and start making deals! Figure out the one thing that you need to do right now to move forward in your real estate investing and do that thing this week!

I want YOU to be successful

Your success-inspiring mentor and friend,

Mark Evans DM,DN

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