A shocking truth about my real estate investing business

How to get a $33.00 per hour raise without doing any extra work

In my last blog post I told you that the most important element you needed before you should even THINK about becoming a real estate investor is a big list of motivated people – motivated buyers, motivated investors, and motivated rent-to-owners... and especially motivated buyers.

I told you that it was this list of people that truly made me The DM and still allows me to the be the Original Deal Maker ("DM")... and because I "dug my well before I was thirsty" (see the last blog post if that doesn't make sense to you), having this list of people made all of my deals faster to find, faster to close, and more profitable than many other real estate investors.

(That's because a lot of real estate investors make the mistake of first finding a property and then looking for interested investors or renters – That's a big, time-consuming, expensive mistake).

And if you are starting off the same way I was – broke, with no credit, and barely enough money to fill the gas tank in my car – then it's not just an expensive mistake to make, it could be potentially devastating!

In upcoming blog posts, I'm going to tell you exactly what I did to build up the list and how I cultivated these relationships... and how I did it all with no money in my bank account.

(Oh, and here's a bonus tip that you might not realize: This same list continues to make automatic money over and over... even when I don't have a specific property to tell them about). And you should be doing the same thing…

But first, I want to reveal something about my business that might shock you

If my entire business suddenly went up in flames, and everything I own were to suddenly become consumed in fire, I would willingly risk life and limb to rush into that burning building and rescue that list. And as long as I got out of that burning building with the list, I would be back up and running INSTANTLY. I'd return to the status of "The DM" seamlessly without batting an eye. While everything else burned in the background, I'd be on the phone, making another deal, and getting back on top.

Obviously I’m speaking metaphorically here because I don't keep my list of people on a piece of paper. But you get the point. My list of people (especially my list of buyers) is that important to me that I would run into a burning building to rescue it. I attribute a significant amount of my success to that list.

Want to know why the list is so important to me?

It's because deals are easy to find. They're everywhere. And business models and systems and paperwork come and go – fading in and out of popularity. But the one component that is common among all deals is the people, especially the buyers.

But I've only told you half of the shocking truth about my list. I'm now going to tell you the other half:

I have worked hard to build a relationship with the people on my list. I've worked to create a relationship that is so strong and mutually beneficial, that the people on my list would rush into a burning building to save me.

Okay, okay, that sounds funny (I hope never to be in THAT situation) but it illustrates my point: A list of people is important to have but it shouldn't just be a list of names (i.e. rented from a list seller or built from the internet)... it should be a list of people who know without a shadow of a doubt that you can help them achieve whatever their goal or motivation is.

Now that you've read this far, you might be wondering how I build a list and cultivate relationships with all of the people on the list without seeing each one face-to-face on a regular basis. (After all, I'm not only The DM, I'm also The DN!). The secret is to use email. I have spent years studying how to effectively use email to stay in touch with my list (and if you check back to this blog, I'm going to reveal exactly how to build emails that help you build a relationship with your list).

When you build that kind of list, it is the most valuable asset in your business and it will make you an extreme real estate investing deal maker. Check back soon and I'll show you exactly how I built my list and continue to build my list daily.

I want to mention just one more thing to tantalize you a bit so you can check back tomorrow to see exactly how I build my list.

Here’s how to get your $33.00 an hour raise

Earlier, I hinted at a $33.00/hour raise. Here's what I was talking about: Once I have my list, I have a group of people who know that I bring them great deals and ideas. And from time to time when I send out an email, I make money from that email... No talking, No Selling, No Product Creation, No Support. Just a simple Email!

If you do the same, you're essentially giving yourself an hourly raise for just a few minutes of work.

Here's a screen capture of one of my money accounts. This money comes in by simply sending an email. You can see exactly what I earned from sending emails here. I'm not sending this out to impress you or to brag. Instead, I want to inspire you with the idea that it is possible to make money by sending out emails to your list.

The DM Disclaimer: I'm not saying you're going to earn this amount by doing what I'm doing. There are so many factors that make up a person's success

Don't get caught up in the numbers. I've been doing this for years and have finely honed my methods. But imagine the difference that it would make to you if you earned even 10% of this amount each day. Would that not change your life?

Your dependence on a real job would diminish. You could spend more time working on deals. You'd have some extra money to play with, to treat your spouse and your kids to a little extra under the Christmas tree.

In a week or two, I'll reveal on my blog exactly how I do this. (Hint: It's something known as "Affiliate Marketing").

And stay tuned because the next blog post is going to reveal HOW I built this list from scratch, how I continue to build it today, so that it makes money.

Signing out from Palm Beach, Florida
Your Friend and Mentor,
Mark Evans DM,DN

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