Did you take massive action?

The other day I published a blog post about Mother's Day. I talked about the importance of moms and how you can give back to mom with a great big thank-you... and I told you how real estate investing helped me do just that.

I also did something crazy: I offered a huge discount on a tool I use to help me run my virtual wholesaling business. The tool is PropFrog and it normally goes for $197 and I offered it for $19.

Yes, you read that correctly, $19. Not only that, I threw in a FREE bonus – the famous Reverse Real Estate system (worth $897) – for people who took advantage of that deal.

Now the deal is over. The price on PropFrog has gone back up to $197 and the free Reverse Real Estate system bonus has gone away.

So the question is... Did you take advantage of the offer?

Some did, some didn't.

Which type are you?

There were three types of people who read that blog post:

  1. There were those who read the blog post and who already have PropFrog. Cool. You probably already know and use PropFrog and were glad to see other people given the opportunity to get a jumpstart in their real estate investing career. And maybe the blog post gave you an extra dose of motivation to do something nice for your hard-working mother.
  2. There were those who read the blog post, realized how amazing of a deal it was, and acted immediately to invest in themselves by investing just $19 to get access to this powerful tool.
  3. There were those who read the blog post, who want to be a real estate investor, but DIDN'T TAKE ACTION and get PropFrog for themselves.

If you are in the first group or second group, I'd like to congratulate you for taking action and moving forward in your real estate investing business. Keep at it! Remember that action is the only thing that creates results.

The rest of this blog is for the people in the third group: The people who WANT to be real estate investors but DIDN'T take action.

Why didn't you take action?

What was stopping you?

I sometimes hear that money keeps people from becoming real estate investors (since they might not always think they have enough money to invest in the tools needed). And I sometimes hear that a lack of tools, resources, or technology keeps people from becoming real estate investors (since virtual real estate investing is most effectively done with a specific set of tools). And I sometimes hear that lack of known-how keeps people from becoming real estate investors (since real estate investing seems complicated).

Well, in that last blog post, I took away ALL THREE objections. I dropped the price to a ridiculously low amount, which gave you access to a powerful piece of technology, and I added the Reverse Real Estate System, which gives you all the knowledge you need to act.

So what kept you from taking action?

If you couldn't take action now, when I'd done EVERYTHING in my power to make it possible, when WILL you take action?

If not now, when?

If not now... when??? Tic Toc!

I'm going to get really blunt here for a moment: Lots of times, we might SAY that high prices, lack of tools, or lack of knowledge keeps us from acting. But if you read that blog post and didn't act, then there is clearly another reason that is holding you back.

It could be a lot of things but I'm going to guess (as I’ve spoken to thousands of wanna-be investors) and the conclusion really is fear. I think that the people read the last blog post and want to become real estate investors but DIDN'T act might be afraid of change. (It might shock you that I write that and I don't say these things to be offensive or hurtful but to shed light on what really holds a lot of people back from become real estate investors).
If you are part of that third group of people and you didn't take action, do you think it's because you fear the change it will cause in your life? Would you agree that it's at least POSSIBLE that fear of change or fear of the unknown might be something that is holding you back?

If so, keep reading...

The DM's recipe for dealing with fear of change and unknown

Everyone has dreams and they aspire to be more successful than they are but most people don't do anything about it because they fear change. When they think of how different their lives might be once they start acting on their dreams and aspirations, the very thought of transition keeps them from making any significant changes!

If you really want to be successful but you are held by fear of change, here's what I suggest:

  • Perhaps your dreams and aspirations aren't "real" enough for you. You need to really want to achieve those dreams and aspirations, not just think about how nice they are. If you look at anyone who is successful – from Donald Trump to Richard Branson – you'll learn that they were wholeheartedly dedicated to their goals and pursued those goals relentlessly.
  • Change isn't really as uncomfortable as we tend to think it is, although once we get too settled into a routine, small changes cause discomfort. So make small changes in your life. Yes, I usually suggest taking massive action but if you find that you can't take massive action because it's just too massive then make small changes that get you used to disruption. For example, rather than just waking up one day and quitting your job, why not invest in PropFrog. That small change ensures that you are headed in the right direction but it's not too big of a change to feel uncomfortable.
  • Get some accountability and support. Find a friend who also wants to be a real estate investor and or is an active real estate investor and meet with them regularly. Push each other to make the bold moves forward that each of you might be fearful to do on your own.
  • Wake up each day and remind yourself that the only way you can use real estate investing to achieve your dreams and goals is to take MASSIVE ACTION toward becoming a real estate investor.
  • Write down all of the things you fear... then do one of those things every day. I know someone who was afraid of heights so he went skydiving to address his fear. Now it's not a problem anymore and he flies all the time. Do the same thing in your life and include "become a real estate investor" at the bottom of the list. As you tackle each fear, you'll become more confident as you realize that nothing is as bad as our fears make them seem. On the subject of doing what you fear – check out the picture below! I don't fear airplanes or heights necessarily (I can't with the amount that I fly) but jumping OUT of a plan is pretty scary.

See the plane in the background? And check out The DM's Shirt... Are YOU with the DM?

If we really want to achieve our dreams and goals in life, the only way we're going to do that is by pushing forward, overcoming the obstacles, and taking action all the time. Otherwise, we'll remain stuck in the same place for years, spinning our wheels and possibly risking the reality that we'll remain "7 year newbies".

Go out there and do something right now to move yourself closer to your goal!

If not now, when WILL you?

Your massive action friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, Am I close? Have I accurately identified and eliminated key reason that kept you from taking action when PropFrog was discounted? If there is some OTHER reason that is keeping you from moving forward, why not put it in the comments section below. I'll either answer the question there or I'll write a blog post about it. I want you to help you succeed and I'll do whatever I can to tear down the obstacles that SEEM to stand in your way. Let me know!

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