Embracing Growth - The Progressing Magician in "Magician vs Mule"

Welcome back to our exploration of the magical journey featured in "Magician vs Mule" Today, we will delve into the third level of magician development, known as the Conscious Competence stage, where the Progressing Magician resides.

Most people spend the majority of their lives at this stage, accumulating knowledge and practicing basic magician techniques. They build up a personal repertoire of self-working magic tricks, but rarely feel they have mastered any of them to the point of automation.

The Progressing Magician finds that performing requires all their concentration and effort. While they can perform well individually, working with other magicians can be challenging as they may freeze under pressure. The mechanics of being a magician consume all their attention and energy.

Though equipped with knowledge and techniques, the Progressing Magician needs more experience and practice to make the mechanics of being a magician more automatic.They may feel stuck, like a hamster on a wheel, working long hours and experiencing burnout. Delegating tasks can be difficult, as they struggle with trusting others to perform tasks the same way they do.

Their mindset focuses on learning many tricks and constantly thinking about them. Their actions involve practicing, but it requires significant effort, time, and concentration. Their philosophy revolves around being comfortable with their current knowledge.

To advance to the next level, the Progressing Magician must push past their comfort zone, narrowing down the material they study and practice. They should structure and commit to a consistent routine, focusing on mastering a limited amount of material through repetition.

As we continue to explore the captivating stages of "Magician vs Mule" be sure to check out the full book on Amazon to embark on your own magical journey. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks into this fascinating world!

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