EP 50: Thoughts vs Goals... Do You Know The Difference?

Everyone has big, lofty goals. But most people fall short of them (if they even come close). 

Why is this? 

It’s easier to talk about it than be about it. Everyone is a trillionaire in their mind, but nobody takes the time to plot their goals so they know if they’re achieving them or falling short. 

Truth is, it’s impossible to not reach your goals if you know how to plan and attack them. But too many people want to sound cool on social media rather than put the blood, sweat, and tears in to achieve their goals. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the single best way to set and tackle your goals so your only problem will be not setting bigger goals. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The stupid simple way to destroy Shiny Object Syndrome for good so your business can boom (9:03) 
  • The “Mental Orgasm” reason that makes your goals sprint at lightspeed away from you (15:16) 
  • The “Scoreboard System” that helps you conquer your biggest goals (without getting overwhelmed or burnt out) (21:24) 
  • How running a small, tight-knit, and profitable business makes it impossible to become wildly wealthy (26:09) 
  • The “Book Trick” that lets you double what you charge and vaporizes your competition (even if they’re better than you) (28:47) 
  • How the kooky-sounding “Fiscal Therapy” can make you more cold, hard cash faster than anything else under the sun (35:20) 
  • Why getting new friends is one of the quickest ways to double (or triple) your net worth (44:57) 
  • How cold-blooded selfishness helps you become a warmhearted altruist (58:00) 
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