Get your butt in gear: The DM's top ten tips to taking massive action right now

I want you to become a successful real estate investor. Unfortunately, a few people reading this will struggle with getting their real estate business off the ground and many more will read this blog (or one of my books, and think "Wow I really need to do that"... and then they won't.

But if you want to be successful, you need to take action right now. Scratch that take MASSIVE ACTION RIGHT NOW (In fact, that's my New Year Resolution for you... to take massive action to become successful in 2012).

And even though I write this, some of you will still click away from the blog. The reason might be: You're not sure where to start. There seems like too many potential actions to take and you just don't know which action to take first.

Good news. I've compiled a list of the top ten tips to help you overcome the problem of inaction so you can start moving forward right now!

1. Know what your goals are.

It's hard to move forward if you don’t know what your goals are. Frankly, if you are approaching real estate investing with a half-assed attitude because it's something that your brother's friend's neighbor suggested and you thought you'd look into it, then you're not ready. You need to figure out what your goals are. You need to decide if you want to be a real estate investor and then how much you want to achieve financially and what steps you need to get there. Most should start HERE.

2. Sign up for an email system.

No matter what strategy YOU are using YOU will need to do this, I've said in a previous blog that the most important thing you can do in your business is to build a list of buyers to whom you can present the great properties you want to do deals on. For most investors, this seems like a huge, unobtainable goal. So I'm breaking it down to the first and simplest step. Go here and sign up for the best email system (the same one I use) to build relationships with your buyers. Don't worry about how you'll build it yet. Get the system in place to do it.

3. When you develop a big goal, break it down into several smaller goals.

Real estate investing is extremely easy to those people who are doing it but it can seem strange (and therefore difficult or even impossible) (Especially in the beginning) to those who aren't investors. It's easy to take a big goal and break it down into smaller goals. Just list the goal at the top of a piece of paper and list out all the things you need to do in order to achieve that goal. When you're done, you have a list of things you need to do. So if "find buyers" is too big, start with that goal at the top of a page and list all of the things you need to do to find buyers. For example: "sign up for email, get a website from, post a ghost ad at Craigslist", etc. You might find one of those goals is still too big and you can simply repeat the process on it. The big goal is close a deal, then you break that down how that is done. My goal when I first started was to just do 1 deal (I didn’t care how much I made I just wanted to go through the entire process) from start to finish, get it going and things will start falling into place with your action.

4. Get a mentor.

A mentor is someone who is successful in the real estate investing field who can help you learn the ropes. A mentor will show you what to do, guide you through the tricky parts, and help you achieve success. A mentor can also hold you accountable when you want to move forward but when fear or procrastination holds you back. Remember the mentor you choose can’t and will not do it for you but will be there to support you through your growth and assist you when you need assistance. Find 1 mentor that you really feel is where YOU want to be and get involved with them. This was a changing point in my life! Without mentors I don’t know where I’d be today... well I can tell you this I wouldn’t be writing this right now . So if your strapped for cash, sometimes a great first mentor can be a book or course that makes a ton of sense to you. This is a very affordable way to get going, I always enjoyed stories of how one would start and what they went through and how they got to where they are today.

5. Schedule it.

Life can be pretty busy so even if you want to act on a more successful life from real estate investing, it can be hard to figure out how to fit it in. But the best thing to do is to schedule it into your day. Estimate how long it will take you to do one action and schedule it into your day. Put it in your mobile device, set an alarm, and gather everything you need to act on that action when your alarm rings. This is so key don’t try to do everything in 1 day. This will take time so focus on 1 action a day and get it done and celebrate the victory.

6. Better yet, do it right now!

Even better than the above idea, go out right now and do one thing. Find something you can do right now to move forward as a real estate investor – even if it just takes 10 minutes of time. (In fact, that's a great way to think of any big project: Think of it instead as a series of small tasks). Just you taking an action is so key to getting going.

7. Tell your friends and family.

Announce to people that you are about to do something. For example, tell your friends: "When we get together next Saturday, I'm going to have a website all set up for my new real estate investing business". That's called social pressure. When you tell others what you plan to do, you are more likely going to do it because you don't want to admit to your friends that you couldn't. (WARNING) most family and friends will sound like they are supporting you but will secretly be jealous that you’re actually doing something about your financial future… and they may end up poisoning you with ideas and criticisms that hurt you instead of help you.

8. Just get started.

People often find that a big, scary task is made easier simply because they broke through that initial barrier and got started. That's why I'm always telling you to take action even if I'm not specific on the action to take – mainly because the very action of taking action is going to have a huge, positive impact on your real estate business. This will give you some feedback from the market like an ad only pulling in 1 lead instead of the 5 leads you thought you'd get. It's great to have something to measure against as you’re growing your business. It’s better to know with REAL results.

9. List all of the things that are keeping you from becoming a real estate investor today.

Make a list and think of absolutely everything that is holding you back. "Fear of the unknown", "fear of failure", "not sure what to do first", "lack of funds", etc. Then, start addressing each one of those things. Some of the fear is best handled with research and talking to mentors. Not sure what to do first can also be handled by mentors. And the lack of funds can be solved with investors. And or maybe you need to look at the deals in the beginning that don’t require money or credit this is easily accomplished (and it's how how I started). You'll find that many of the solutions you list turn out to be the first actions you should take.

10. List all of the things you would do if money and time were no object.

By listing out all of the things you would do if money and time were no object, you create a motivational wish list for yourself. Looking at the list will remind you that you might not be able to achieve those desires in your present job but they are more likely to be achieved as a successful real estate investor. Let that thought inspire you to take a first step toward success.

This is my list of ten top things you can do to take action right now. But the reality is: I can only inspire and guide you... YOU are the one who needs to act. And action is truly the one thing that separates the most successful people from the unsuccessful ones. Don't delay another moment. Move toward success by taking massive action right now!

Your action-figure friend and mentor,

Mark Evans, DM, DN

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