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It's Time to Give Back to Your Mom – The DM is Giving a Gift (Even If You're Not a Mom)

As the DM, I'm all about building a business that you can run virtually while earning passive income. But there's one job that CAN'T be done virtually or passively – motherhood. Motherhood is called the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding.

Moms do SO MUCH for their kids. After hours of painful labor to bring their children into the world, mothers sacrifice for years to feed their kids, clean up after them, teach them, and love them.

They put their own dreams of careers and travels on hold while they change our diapers and make sure we eat our vegetables and put bandages on our scratches and clean our snotty noses and wipe our tears and remind us to do our homework and pick up our dirty laundry and drive us to our first school dance!

Moms are living, breathing models of putting others first.

Moms know what's best for us even when we don't.

Moms always see the best in us when no one else does.

And, moms do it all – FOR YEARS – without ever expecting anything back.

Wouldn't it be nice to give something back to your mom? I don't mean just getting her a card and maybe some flowers on Mother's Day. That's a nice gesture but c'mon... a card and some flowers pale in comparison to the years of pain, sweat, struggles, sleepless nights, and tears (yes there were tears, don't kid yourself) that she faced when raising you.

Keep reading because I'm going to show you how you can give back to your mom (plus, I'm giving a Mother's Day gift to you... even if you're not a mom).

A story about The DM's mom

Here's a story about my mom. (This story is key – I'll tell you in a moment why it matters to you)...

My mom always wanted to go to Maui. It's beautiful and warm there (especially compared to Ohio in the winter!) and it symbolized a luxurious lifestyle that my mother sometimes dreamed about. And I'm sure it didn't hurt that Magnum PI was there! :)

But my mom never went.

Why? Because she was busy with me and my 2 sisters – raising us, cooking our dinners, cleaning up after us, coming out to my football games to cheer, and even grounding us when we deserved it (even though I should have been grounded more often... Shhh don’t tell her that!). She gave up so much so that she could raise her children. Wow. So humbling.

So when I wanted to give something back to her for all her years of hard work and sacrifice, imagine her surprise and delight when I called her up and said: "Hi mom. I know you've always dreamed of going to Maui. Well guess what: I booked tickets for you and dad to come out and spend time here with Deena and I."

Now, I realize that even a trip to Maui won't even cover all of the sacrifice and hard work my mom put in to raise me but it was my way of giving back – she encouraged me in everything I dreamed and she always supported me in my drive to success so it's my privilege to fulfill one of her life-long dreams.

So here we are...

Mark Senior; The DM :) ; and my mother, Sandy.

You couldn't wipe the smile off of my mother's face! For seven days we toured around Maui, doing everything she dreamed of experiencing while she was there (and even checking out some amazing sites that she didn't know existed). We stayed at The Whaler (a beautiful beachfront condo on Kaanapali beach), we drove the famous Road to Hana, and we took a helicopter ride around the island.

Maui is a beautiful place but the best part was how excited my mom was that one of her dreams had come true.

Moms always think the best of us, no matter how our lives turn out, but wouldn't it be nice to give back to the woman who has done so much for you?

Imagine how they'll feel – and how YOU'll feel – when you call them and tell them that one of the dreams they put on hold to raise you is now coming true.

Here's how to give back to your mom

Your mom gave so much to you... don't you think it's time to give something back? Sure you do. And although she'll be happy if you call her once in a while, it's way more fun to do something that fulfills one of her dreams. Now, maybe not all of her dreams cost money but there's a good chance that one of her dreams does – probably something she put on hold while she was raising you: Maybe it was something she didn't buy for herself or a trip she never got to take. Doing something really amazing and special for your mom might take some money... oh, and it might also take some time (because your mom will probably want to hang out with you. Moms are like that).

So, how can you get some money to really do something special for mom? And how can you get some time to hang out with her? The best way I know to get money and time is through real estate investing.

I want to help you give back to your mom by helping you become a real estate investor. So, in celebration of Mothers Day, I'm giving YOU a gift... (even if you're not a mom)... and I'm giving YOU a gift so you can give back to the woman who raised you.

If you want the money and time to give back to your mom, you might be able to achieve it through the power of real estate investing. And if you want a fast track to real estate investing success, the best tool I know (and use!) is PropFrog.

PropFrog is a powerful tool that allows you to virtually manage your real estate investing business – you can create deal websites that market your properties at important sites, build a buyer's list automatically, and so much more. (I can't do it justice in this blog post – you need to go here and check it out).

Now here's the best part – I'm giving a Mothers Day gift to you (I don't care if you're not even a mother) so you can say thanks to your mom. PropFrog is usually $197 but for 48 hours only, I’m almost GIVING IT AWAY for $19. Yeah, that's a crazy-low price. But it's not going to last long – 48 hours – and then the price is going back up to $197. So get over to PropFrog.com right now and get it! Plus you’ll get the famous “Reverse Real Estate System for FREE” an $897 value as an added bonus.

Get on PropFrog, build your real estate business fast, then call up your mom and do something nice for her.

From the luckiest son in the world,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, Do you know what dreams your mom has? Chances are, they've been put on hold for years. Imagine how good it will feel to say thanks for all of her years of hard work by making her dreams come true. PropFrog is the first place to start and at $19, there are no excuses to give back to mom!

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