How To Fly First Class (The SHOCKING Secret that was Hidden from Me for Years)

Imagine sitting down in the most comfortable reclining chair, putting your feet up, and sipping champagne that is served to you on a platter...

... and by the time you get out of your chair, you’re in a different country.

THAT is the beauty of flying first class.


DM passed out in first class heading to Bali

I didn’t always fly first class.

When I first started flying places, I lined up with everyone else in the LONG line at the airport, then jammed into the back of the plane like it was a cattle car, SQUEEZED into the seats (“pass the shoehorn, please”) and tried to remain absolutely motionless the entire flight so that I didn’t disturb the guy sleeping next to me (if he rests his head on my shoulder one more time...)

For those first few years of flying economy class, I saw flying as the necessary evil of travel... the uncomfortable thing you had to do to get where you wanted to go. Plus, I like money (who doesn’t?!?) so when I compared the prices of economy class versus first class, it seemed to make financial sense to pick the cheaper option.

Hey, that’s more money that stays in my pocket, right?

But then something changed...

I was talking with a mentor about getting my business to the next level. (Yes, I had a mentor – I still have mentors... more than one actually. You should have a few in your life too). My mentor asked me to think about who the most successful business owners were and how they lived. I listed a few of the people that I thought were super-rich, and how I thought they lived. And on that list I said: “They fly first class.

My mentor stopped me and told me something that SHOCKED me: He said, “Mark, you need to start flying first class right now.

Then he explained why (I’ll tell you why in a moment) and it was a total wake-up call for me and it changed my life.

No joke, choosing to fly first class was a decision that literally changed my life.

I know that probably sounds funny – that flying first class is life changing – but it was for me and I think it will be for you. In fact, if you’re not flying first class right now, I think you should start immediately.

Yes, flying first class gives you better leg room and nicer seats and better food and more drinks but that has very little to do with why you should fly first class. (But of course it’s a great bonus!)

It’s A Mindset Transformation

Flying first class is not just about spending more money to be more comfortable. If that’s all you think it is then you’re limiting your thinking and that might actually be holding you back from making more money and achieving more success in your business and life (however you happen to define the word “success”).

If your first thought when you read this blog post is that you can’t afford to fly first class then I would say that you are limiting your mindset and you will always struggle to play at the level that you want to play at.

Here’s something my mentor told me... "Select Excellence over Adequacy." (stew on that)

The first few times I flew in first class it was a financial stretch for me, too. But I believe that if you can afford to fly, you can afford to fly first class.

Flying First Class Is Really About Expanding Your Thinking

The most successful people in the world (however you define the term “success”) don’t wait until they’ve reached a certain level before playing at that level. Rather, they start playing at the level they want to be at... and THAT’s how they achieve that level.

When you fly first class, you adopt the mindset and practices of the most successful people, even if you have not achieved “success” (however you define it). You’re stepping into that role and living it and that allows your mind to expand.

This is a huge boost to how you think about yourself: A lot of people think, “when I am successful, then I’ll fly first class” but they never really define what “success” is so they end up stuck in economy class and it reinforces the belief that they aren’t successful yet. They wait in the long line at the airport just to check in, and then more long lines and uncomfortable chairs.

Meanwhile, those of us in first class have an entirely different world of experience: we have a shorter, faster line through security and within minutes we’re sitting in a comfortable first class lounge sipping on a cocktail and eating free food. (And most of the first class lounges have showers so you can clean up and get refreshed). They call you before the flight, so you can be sitting in a nice lounge closing deals, working on your computer with a desk, while you wait for the call. And when the call comes to board the plane, you walk past that massive line to the first class line and they swoop you right on through. You get to your seat quicker, and can finish that deal call.

Really, if you appreciate your time this is the way to fly.

What’s more, flying first class actually drives you to want to achieve more. Once you experience what first class is like (hint: There’s a reason that they call it “first class”) it drives you to want to achieve more in your business and in your life.

It’s really not about flying first class; it’s a lifestyle choice and one that carries over to many parts of your life and business. I know many folks who have adopted this mindset and have done very well and the best part is they are getting there in first class style.

How I’m Able To Charge More For My Properties In A Competitive Business

For example, another realization that I experienced sitting in first class was that I could offer a first class service to my investors and add a first class service fee to the price of property and allow them to enjoy the ride. Today, 100% of my business is first class turnkey investments that allow my clients to sit back and enjoy the profits every month.

Once you realize that you have options -- that some clients want first class options and some don’t want them, and that’s fine -- it opens up a new world of opportunity in whatever business you’re in. I just made a choice to live life first class style and realized that it’s pretty good on this side. Try it, I’m confident you’ll grow from it.


The DM livin’ and drivin’ in first class style

There’s more, too: You meet other people in first class who are already at the level you want to be at. That creates positive upward connections that are great for business (they see you in first class so it positions you as one of their peers).

(And another bonus for me and for anyone else who loves to travel: First class makes the journey as enjoyable as the destination rather than the annoying thing you need to tolerate to get where you want to go).

Here’s Where The Magic Happens

When you fly first class (or do anything at a level higher than you’re at right now) you end up unconsciously changing your habits and actions to meet you at that level. So when you fly first class, you end up doing things that first class thinkers do – like doing bigger deals and making more money per deal and doing more deals (just to name a few things).

That’s because our ACTIONS meet our EXPECTATIONS. So if we set first class expectations, our actions will level up to meet our expectations. We all have experienced this at many levels. Think about this: Think of your first car you ever bought, or your first apartment maybe; could you imagine driving or living in those conditions now? The only thing that’s changed is YOU! The cars are still there; the apartment is still there...

... But WE are the ones that have changed.

This is true for everything, from the car you drive to the house you live in to the restaurants you eat at to the people you hang out with... when you play at a higher level, your actions in business and life will catch up to meet your expectations.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I don’t care how you define success... if you aspire to be successful then you need to start playing at that level today… and the rest of your life will catch up. And a great way to start is to fly first class.

I truly believe in an abundance world. If you focus on trying to save money and spend less, you end limiting your sense of abundance and you lower your idea of what you can have. (For example, if a plane ticket is for sale at $1000 and you trying to see if you can get it for only $700, you are lowering how you value yourself). When I started flying first class, I was spending more but I was living with an abundance mindset and I soon started making more money and was able to do more and give more to charity. Imagine that!

There is a lot in this world that you can enjoy and you won’t get there if you “nickel and dime” your way to it. The only way to do it is to adopt an abundance mentality -- fly first class and LIVE first class!

Your first class friend and mentor,
Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, Here's a great way to take your life to a first class level while you transform your investing business: I’ve got a Deal-A-Thon coming up shortly and if you’ve done at least a couple of deals and have $5K to spend on your business, I want you to help you implement the exact same systems and strategies that I use to do more deals virtually so I can live a first class life. It's easy to tell me you're ready: Just click here now to fill out the simple form and I'll get in touch about my next Deal-A-Thon....

... Oh, and I want you to fly first class to the event!!!

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