How To Make More Money Faster By Setting Clear Goals For Real Estate Investing

The object of today's e-Lesson is to help you become very, very clear about your goals for real estate investing.  For example, you might want to replace your current income through real estate.  Or maybe you have kids in high school, and want to work very diligently for a year or two to pay for their college.  Or maybe you just want to invest for your own retirement so that you can live the lifestyle of your dreams during your "golden years".

It doesn't matter what your financial objective is.  It's almost certain that real estate can (and should) play a central role in achieving your goals.  The problem for most people is three-fold:

Knowing what your goal(s) are

Defining a plan to achieve that goal

Establishing clear benchmarks so you'll know when you've achieved the goal

There are all kinds of questions and evaluations that I could include in this e-Lesson to help you answer these questions.  And as you know from yesterday's e-Lesson, it is absolutely critical for you to have clear goals and objectives.

But this is a complicated, and somewhat personal, topic.  That's why today's e-Lesson is less of a "lesson" than an "invitation".  Here's what I mean:

I would like to invite you to contact me for a Strategic Action Session (SAS).  I perform SAS's for the general public on a frequent basis, and the fee to them is $175.  However, there will be no cost to you because you enrolled in "The Real Estate Strategist" e-Course, as long as you register within 72 hours of reading this page (and yes, I do know exactly when you see this page!)

This Session will take approximately 15-20 minutes.  I'll record the call for you, and provide a copy of the recording to you for future reference.  (I'll then delete my copy of the recording, as that information is for your use and benefit only.)  And when we're done, you'll know the following critically important information:

What is my underlying real goal for real estate investing?

Is there something other than real estate investing that I should investigate in order to achieve my goals?

What specific steps do I need to take to achieve my goals?

What specialized knowledge do I need to actually take the necessary steps and achieve my goals?

How will I know that I'm making progress towards my goals?  How will I know when my goal has been totally achieved?

Are my goals in conflict with my value system?  What should I do about this?

Clearly, you can see that this is some powerful information.  And I know that this participating in a Strategic Action Session with me is not for everyone.  That's O.K.  After all, I will do only 5 free sessions per week with "Real Estate Strategist" subscribers, regardless of how many requests I receive.

You can scroll to the bottom of this page to schedule your session.

If you choose not to participate in this free Strategic Action Session with me, use this as an opportunity to learn something about yourself.  If you choose not to participate, why is that?  Is it that you already know the answers to the questions above?  If so, congratulations!  But if you don't know the answers to the questions above, this opportunity was designed exactly for you.

Besides, I have an ulterior motive for wanting to do this session with you:  I want to get to know you personally.  Probably like you, I get what seems like thousands of e-mail newsletters.  But I don't know any of the people on the "other end".  The newsletters just appear one day, and I never really know who it is that's sending information to me...

...I don't want our relationship to be that way.  I'd love for you to get to know me, and for me to have the chance to gain your acquaintance.  It will be good for both of us!

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