Master the Power of Works

Let's conduct a simple experiment:

"Speak this sentence in your own voice."

That's it! The voice you just heard leading you through those words is your inner voice...the very one directing you in everything you undertake.

You interact with your voice countless times daily. It could be conveying your own thoughts, or the thoughts of others transformed into messages that you give meaning to. This chain of "meaningful words" becomes the foundation of your belief system.

What are the common themes your voice is always sharing? It's quite easy to pinpoint. Your inner voice resonates:

  • During your solitary moments
  • While tackling something challenging
  • Responding to a remark you disagree with
  • Upon waking up
  • When a team member stumbles
  • Upon failing to achieve a goal or complete a task
  • Following a heated discussion
  • In moments of discouragement

Your inner voice will continually vie for your attention. Often, you might just suppress it, but it persistently resurfaces.

Do Your Words:

Build or Destroy?

  • Boost your morale or crush your confidence?
  • Infuse purpose and tranquility or foster despair?
  • Ignite creativity or trap you in fallacy?
  • Magnify contributions or discourage value creation?
  • Articulate deepest desires or imprison you for life?
  • Empower you or make you succumb to perceived fears?
  • Prompt daily action or delay your vision?

Every physical action or journey is sparked by a word, and every word we utter is first born within our mind's "inner voice."

You possess an internal voice that is in constant communication with you. If it's hard to discern, let's undertake a simple exercise that will aid you in instantly recognizing your inner voice's sound and feeling.

Pro-Tip For Magicians:

As thought forms in your brain, it first evolves into a message to yourself.

Now, let's unravel all of them. What are the recurring thoughts that hinder your progress?

Repetitive Thoughts That Halt My Progress:

Journal Prompt:

Over the next 24 hours, keep a tangible record of everything your internal voice communicates. Document them and employ the 3 Positives Framework to start cultivating your new voice.

Here`s How to Harness the Power of Your Words:

Whenever you realize your internal voice is veering negatively, implement these three straightforward steps for an instant transformation:

Identify the Pattern – Practice Thought Auditing

Spot It When It’s Happening – Trigger an Instant Shift

Re-Frame and Re-State - Craft a New Magician Voice

Crafting a New Voice

Now, shape a new voice. For every single negative recurring message, create the inverse message with THREE progressive phrases.

"This is too challenging for me" evolves into "Even though this is new to me, I can tackle tough tasks," "I’ve overcome challenges before, so this is another opportunity to test my capabilities," and "I excel at simplifying complex tasks – I can focus on just one thing at a time."

3 Positive Framework:

Negative Phrase  Transform into 3 Positives  Take Action:

___________  __________, __________, __________  Action

Mastering the power of words can help you take control of your life and unlock your potential. Harness this power today by buying this book on Amazon.

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