My $20,000 Private Jet Experience🚀

I'm flying back home to Cleveland today.

Deena, the kids, and I are hoping on the jet in a few and we'll be up and away 🚀


A lot of you are wondering if I own this thing.

The answer is no, it's not mine.

I charter private jets when I want to fly somewhere.

(I prefer this way, I'll tell you why later)

Truth is Deena and I are not the World travelers we used to be.   

With the kids being so young it'd be chaos.  I can barely keep track of them when they're home 🙂

Just not a wise money move if we ain't going to use it much.

However, when they're older you will see the DM jet flying over your city.


I'm thinking matte white or black glossy DM logo on the tail.  Similar color scheme of my cars.   That'd be a baaaaad lookin' jet, no?

You see to me ... it's not just a "jet."

It's a time-capsule ... and a COMPLETE mindset shift.

Let me explain.   

When someone says they're going to buy a jet what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

..... that's going to cost a TON of money!

The plane .... gas .... storage .... maintenance ... pilots ...etc.

It's like ...

"Dude don't be stupid, just fly 1st class and save $15,000,000."

Man oh man.   Haven't you learned anything from listening to me?

That's a 9 to 5 mindset.   

That's the bullshit your family, friends, and the "99%" feed you.

If they aren’t where I want to be then I’m  not taking financial advice from them?

I'm not knocking them ... it's just the truth.

The 99% look at the COST ... not the RETURN.

But that's not how the 1% operate.

(That's why they own 90% of the wealth in the world.)

Instead of dealing w/ all the B.S. at the airports.

A car picks up Deena, the kids, and I at our house and drives us straight up to the plane.  We literally walk 10 feet to hop onboard.

Within 5-10 minutes we're in the air.

In the air we're drinking ( water for me 🙂 ) , talking,  laughing, and  I'll make a few messages via interweb after the kids all asleep.

And in 2.5 hours we'll land at the Cleveland airport and our car will be waiting for us to take us home.

Look at the time we saved.

High value conversations WILL be had on those phone calls.

My mindset of being on my "own" plane will literally force me to think bigger and GROW.

Those are huge returns for that little $20,000 wire.   


Look I'm not going to sit here and bullshit you.   I'm the most transparent guy I know ... I'll tell you whatever .... I still struggle with sending that $20,000 wire each time I do it.

It's gotten easier as my mind is expanding and my bank account is getting bigger though.

You will NEVER grow as a person ... and you will NEVER make more money than you currently make ... if all you continue to do is what you've always done.

Do shit that scares you, you may be surprised 😉

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