Notivation: The Game-Changing Way To Transform Your Business (No Matter What You Sell) And Build Wealth For Life

What If There Was A Way To Get Anything You Wanted In Life? …There Is!

I’m about to reveal a secret that will change the game for you. If you adopt this secret in your business, your business and your life will never be the same.

It’s a proven secret strategy that may surprise you and will help you achieve any goal you want.

And it’s fast, too: in fact, if you apply it correctly then you can start generating more income in your business this week.

Problem is, very few who read this will adopt it. Are you one of the brave ones who will adopt this to level up? I have. It changed everything for me. Keep reading and I will show you how…

But first I need to tell you: this is a secret that the highest achieving people have adopted for themselves (often unconsciously). This isn’t my invention or discovery; I learned it and now I’m paying it forward to share the same proven secret strategy with you in the hope that you adopt it for yourself.

And I also need to tell you: this proven secret strategy works anywhere. It works in your business—in marketing, in sales, in negotiation. It works in your personal life too—such as if you are buying a new house or car. Applying this in the right way will generate more revenue and more profit for your business THIS WEEK.

Here’s The DM, Applying The Strategy From The Beach

Frankly, you can listen to any guru talk about mindset, making better decisions, believing in yourself, or setting goals. And those things are good. But they only get you so far. I can’t think of a faster, simpler, and more practical way to create the business and life you want.

It All Started With A Hot Stove…

Before I tell you what the strategy is, I have to tell you what’s happening in the background (in your brain) as a foundation for why this strategy works…

You see, in business we get pretty focused on “Yes”. Consider the sales you make in your business. You’re pretty focused on getting “Yes”, right? There are books and sales gurus out there who continually tell us that we need to get the customer to say yes… or that a “yes” in sales is success, while a “no” in sales is failure.

And in life, we’re programmed to fear “No” here, too. Even from childhood, you may not specifically remember it but a “No!” from your mother or father meant that you needed to immediately stop what you were doing. At the time you weren’t old enough to understand what it meant that the stove was too hot or that you shouldn’t put dad’s car keys in the electrical outlet, so when your parents saw you across the room about to do something dangerous they simply shouted “No” and programmed you to stop and be afraid.

It’s no different later: how many people have avoided asking someone on a date because they feared a “No”, or how many people have avoided getting the best price in a house or car negotiation because they feared a “No”?

We live in a world that wants a “Yes” and fears a “No”. We’re programmed to work for “Yes” and do everything possible to avoid a “No”.

So, when you’re selling your products or services in your business, it’s the very natural mental programming to avoid “No” and try to elicit a “Yes” from the customer. (In fact, some salespeople have even tarnished entire industries, such as the used car industry, because they use whatever means necessary to get customers to say “Yes”.)

Because of our focus exclusively on “Yes”, and our avoidance of the word “No”, we have created businesses and lives that feel rewarded when someone tells us “Yes” and punished when someone tells us “No”.

Fortunately, there’s one simple change you can make in your brain, and in your daily actions, that will completely transform how you think, how you act, and the results you get in your business…

Introducing: Notivation

I call this secret strategy “Notivation”. And it’s very simple: Stop looking for people to only say “yes” to you and start looking for people to say “no” to you.

Okay, you’re probably going to want to read that sentence again. (And very shortly I’ll share how to implement it practically in your business this week to start benefiting immediately.)

Notivation is important because a “No” is just as important as a “Yes”.

A “No” is valuable information. Depending on the context, it can tell you things like:

  • “I’m not convinced; I need more trust in you and more information about your solution to make a different decision.” (Solution: build trust)
  • “I’m not ready yet; I need something to change in my life before I will be ready.” (Solution: adjust your timing)
  • “We’re not a good fit to do business together.” (Solution: find out how you can be a good fit… or wish them well and move on to the next person)

A “No” is also important for another reason: there will always be people who say “No” but within that group of prospects, there will be people who say “Yes”. Your challenge is to get through every “No” to uncover the “Yes”.

You’re like a prospector panning for gold. No prospector discovers a windfall in their first pan; you have to sift a lot of the dirt and mud to find the specks of gold.

Likewise, there will be a lot of people saying “No” before you get to a “Yes”… and that’s okay! You shouldn’t fear “No” and you shouldn’t try to avoid it. Rather, you should embrace it and get motivated from it—get “Notivated”—by actively trying to get as many “No” answers as you can.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you should do a poor job selling your offer to whomever is on the other side of the table or the phone. But it does mean that, when you do your very best every time, you will still get a “No” answer and that’s still a great answer to get because it means that person is not ready yet to say “Yes” to you.

Here’s The Fastest, Most Practical Way To Get More Notivation In Your Business

Want to immediately generate more income in your business THIS WEEK? Let me show you how:

Make it a goal to get 100 No’s this week. Call your leads. Get in touch with your prospects. Even reach out to the people who have said “No” in the past. See what each person needs and how you can help them. Serve them with your offer if it works (you may be the one saying No to them). Make it a goal to get at least 100 No’s. Look forward to those No’s. Maybe give yourself a little treat once you get to 100 No’s.

And buried inside those No’s is the gold of a Yes. Maybe it will be one Yes or more. Or maybe it will take 200 No’s before you refine your approach and discover the way to find more Yeses.

Either way, get out there and start finding No’s. Collect them with pride like someone collects cars or stamps or coins. Learn to enjoy each “No” because it provides you with invaluable business information, and that will make every “Yes” more rewarding.

(And guess what happens: along the way, you’ll become better at your sales craft and your pitches and your offers… and you’ll actually start getting more Yeses!)

Your friend and mentor,
Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, In the comments below, or on Facebook, share what you’ll do differently this week to start getting more No’s. Will you make more calls? Visit more leads? What are you going to do to get 100 No’s?

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