R.I.P. Dick Clark... What a man of Action

I just wanted to take a minute and share a personal encounter I had with Dick Clark and a couple of life lessons I took away from him.

On our trip around the world

As you may know or may not know, Deena (my fiancé) and I are on a 5 year trip around the world (100% virtual). Well, we stopped in Malibu, CA for the 3rd and 4th month of our trip. We really enjoy The BU! I liked it so much I flew my parents out here to hang out with us for a long weekend. My parents love Dick Clark especially my mother :)

If you've ever been to the BU, you would know a place called Cafe Habana – it's a cool little hang out for food and drinks (Fun Fact: Cindy Crawford and her husband own the place). It's good so put on your list of places to go!

So my parents are in town and we go to the Habana and we sit down and guess who is sitting right across from us.... (You only get 1 guess :))...

Yup ... Dick Clark and his wife

My mother started getting giddy seeing him and said "OMG that's Dick Clark!"

So I asked, "Why don't you buy Dick and his wife dinner?"

My dad looked at me as if I'm crazy. My mother loved the idea and we called over the server and said "we've got the check for Mr. Clark".

The lady looked at us as if we're nuts (we are a little). So we get the check and it's like $89 bucks; not too bad for 2 people (keep in mind we're in the BU). My father (being who he is) thinks it's for all 6 of us, and now he really thinks my mother is crazy.

Dick Clark -- Always a class act!

Fast forward a little while later that evening... Mr. Clark (who was in a wheelchair) and his wife got ready to leave and he came over and said thank you!

Of course my mother was just excited to see him and now she was able to buy him and his wife dinner. (Seriously how many people do you know who have bought Dick Clark dinner?)

My takeaways from this encounter with Dick Clark

1. Dick Clark, as you know had a life altering stroke, which in itself is a tough thing to deal with if you're not famous. So his resilience showing up on the New Year's Eve countdown – barely able to speak – was an amazing thing to watch as I could only imagine how much courage that took for him to do.

Take away: You will fall off the horse but YOU must get back on

2. He was very thankful for my mother doing what she did… enough to come over and say "Thanks" which I think is a key trait to succeed – be thankful for big and small things.

Take away: Be Thankful

My mother seeing Dick Clark was exciting for her, and it was just icing on the cake to her when she was able to buy him dinner. My mother will remember this moment forever as she had to TAKE ACTION to have this memory

Take away: Are you taking as much action as YOU can?

I look at Dick's life and I can say one thing – that he lived LIFE to the FULLEST even when it was tough, he pushed through and he'll be missed by millions of people around the world.

With that said ... Do something today that matters. STOP putting simple things off because you never know when YOUR NUMBER IS UP!


See image below as this isn't goodbye; it's until we meet again ...


Until we meet again, Mr. Clark! Thank you for your example of action!

I challenge YOU today ... To do that 1 thing you have been putting off in your Real Estate Biz.
Not sure what YOU should do? Click here and just get started.

Your Friend and Mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS Life will go on with or without you living to the fullest ...if you like where you're at then that's great but if you're like me, you want to do more always so click here and see how we are doing more by using technology.

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