"Show up and Work hard" – The two biggest misconceptions about success

Greetings from Southeast Asia!

The DM and Deena on their tour through Asia

The sights and sound and smells of this hot and crowded region of the world is a mind-blowing experience… and it's so different from anything else I've experienced in some of the other places I've visited on my 5-year world tour.

Whether I'm walking through thick jungles or through crowded markets, no matter what kind of adventure I'm experiencing, there's something else going on as well: Way back in the US, my real estate business is churning daily income into my bank accounts. The great thing is, I don't have to be there to make it happen.

Shattering the misconception that we're taught from childhood

From childhood, we're taught that our presence and our effort are necessary if we want to be successful. We have to show up to school and take tests and get good grades and go to college to ensure our successful lives. And if we want to be successful in the workplace, we have to show up, sit at our desk, do what the boss says, and collect our paycheck each week. And by showing up and working hard, we can succeed.



You don't need to be physically present to run a real estate investing business. That's why I'm the Deal Maker AND the Digital Nomad… whether I'm in Barcelona or Santorini or Maui, or anywhere else in the world.)

You don't need to work hard (like you would with a regular job) to run a successful real estate investing business.

I've shared this concept with the people I've mentored many of them came to me because they had spent their lives showing up and working hard and had nothing to show for it.

It's a common misconception in the real estate investing world, too

Many real estate investors can think this way, too. The biggest example is flipping. People who quit their job to flip real estate basically leave one job to work longer hours at a different job. Click here to find out why I don't think flipping is the best way to invest in real estate (although I do think flipping can be a great way to get rolling as long as you have a plan in place.)

Here's why it's such a problem

Most people who are striving to succeed (I'm not JUST talking about investing but about anything in life) have been brainwashed into thinking that the successful people are the ones who showed up and worked the hardest. (Note: it's important that you do show up and work hard, but it's not true that the harder you work, the more successful you'll automatically become)

As a result, people who strive for success show up and show up and show up and show up and they work harder and harder and harder and harder!


  • They flame out really quickly as they grow increasingly tired of the effort
  • They can't quite reach success – it eludes them and that adds to the stress
  • Without realizing it, they set a cap on their success. The cap is tied to the amount of time and the degree of effort they can put into something. They'll never become more successful than the time and effort they can invest.

There IS a solution. I'm going to show you what it is in my next blog post so check back in a couple of days.

Your 'hardly working' friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, If you've ever lived under the believe that you have to show up and work hard to succeed, chances are that you know someone else who thinks that, too. Why not tweet a link to this blog post or share it on Facebook and let your friends know that they don't have to strive for success by putting in more hours.

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