The DM Is Addicted (don’t judge until you’ve read his shocking revelation…)

Okay, I admit it, I’m f’n addicted...

... seriously I have a massive issue and I need to get it off my chest.

Please don’t judge me... at least not until you've read my whole story below.

Years ago, I wouldn't have dreamed I'd be doing this. Even just a few years ago this wasn't something I thought I'd do.

But now? I can't get enough of it...

The majority of the world (and even some of my friends and my own family) won't understand this addiction, but it's real and I’m not alone.

It's controlling my decisions and it’s affecting my wife's and son's lives forever...

But I’m not sorry!

... You see, this addiction is something that is rather new to me. (I didn’t know it really existed. It's sort of like a weird "club" that no one ever talks about.)

This addiction is real and I’m not being silly here, so don’t laugh at me.

My addiction is flying private.

... Yup...

flying private is a real addiction!
You're looking at the face of an addict :)


The last time you flew somewhere, how did you go?

Most people try to save a few bucks, they buy economy seating, and they squeeze into those tiny little seats... and are lucky if the flight attendant throws some peanuts at them for the trip.

Those little economy seats barely fit anyone, it's a tight squeeze to get in and out, and you're stuck with your knees in your chest for a few hours while you fly somewhere. Forget trying to work on your computer because the regional salesperson of whatever is staring over your shoulder the whole time.

I used to fly economy years ago until a mentor told me to start levelling up my life, then I started flying first class. (If you've never read my "Fly First Class" blog post, you're missing out because some people have called it "life changing" and one of the most important blog posts I've ever written.)

Flying first class was fun... and if you are stuck in Economy class right now then maybe that's the first step for you.

But I have to tell you that I've actually since graduated from flying first class and now I'm flying private.

Yes, I get into a private jet and it takes me where I want to go.

And it’s F’n amazing.

The DM and his family are flying private only from now on, wherever private jets will take us.


You got to this point in the blog post and now you're saying, "that's crazy. Can it really be that much better?"

If that's what you're thinking, I get it. I understand. So let me ask you a question that is central to understanding my addiction...

What's more important to you -- TIME or MONEY?)

Let me paint a picture for you...

If you and I were to travel somewhere, and I took a private jet and you took your commercial flight, let's compare experiences...

You leave several hours early to get to the airport. You struggle through the screening process where TSA people poke and prod you and scan you with weird contraptions. Then you wait at the gate for 30 minutes. Then you board and shoe-horn yourself into an airplane seat... and then wait longer while they do a final boarding call and then a final FINAL boarding call for the one guy who's still pounding back beers in the cocktail lounge. Finally your plane gets going and you have to turn off your phone (at least for the take-off). Your flight takes a few hours, and then there's a hassle of deplaning with the pushy masses of anxious people... only to get into the terminal and find out that some of your luggage was accidentally sent to Anchorage Alaska, even though this was a routine flight with no connecting flights. You KNOW it gets worse when there are connecting flights, am I right?

And me?

... I show up to the Fixed-Base Operator (or better known as an FBO) which is a little, exclusive dedicated terminal for private jets. I show up 5 minutes before I have to take off; the car pulls right up to the plane. There's no screening, no body cavity searches. They just grab my bags and put them in the plane for me. I walk up the steps and choose a luxurious seats... perhaps a couch or an armchair with a table (a table you don't have to fold up before taking off).

... I don’t have to stow my cell phone, I can read a book, I don’t have to deal with a crying baby (unless it’s mine). And when I’m trying to work, no one is sneezing and coughing all over me.

Lots of work room!

... the flight is fast and comfortable. There's food and drink and a bathroom whenever I want (no waiting for that weird old guy who visits the bathroom like 4 times on a flight).

... and we land at another FBO where my rental car is sitting at the FBO waiting on me.

Who do you think had a better travel experience? You on your commercial flight or me with my private flight?


Now you're saying, "Okay, DM, you convinced me. It's a better experience -- it's faster, easier, cleaner, no waiting, more private, more exclusive, no poking and prodding -- those sound like great benefits...

... BUT...

... It must cost an arm and a leg."

My answer is: how much is your time (and sanity) worth to you?

It’s a really big deal (bigger than you realize) and if you’re in business and not flying private, you’re missing out.

After all, the whole reason you are working so damn hard is to buy time right? You are working to control what you do with your time...

... but then for a 2 hour flight somewhere you're willingly giving up 7+ hours (at least).

They say time is money, so why not fly private?

Truth is I’m typing this to you from the jet... it’s 3:22 PM EST over West Virginia about to land in Cleveland, OH from Palm Beach.

And as a result of flying private on this very flight, I have at least an extra 4 hours to grow my business and or just hang out with the family.

And believe me, I’d much rather hang with the family than to dick around with the TSA and have them looking at me like a criminal. Heck, the last time I flew commercial, the process to get to the gate took nearly 45 minutes and they pulled me to the side to check my computer... I mean WTF are they looking for? I’m all about protecting the world, don’t get me wrong, but come on. It's just frustrating that the TSA folks think they are big shots, and that's just part of the process BEFORE you even get to your gate... then you're waiting and waiting and waiting.

For people flying commercial, it's mostly just about killing time.

... and I HATE killing time. Time is too precious. I've got stuff to accomplish.

You might be looking at all this and thinking, "yeah but someone who pays $15,000 for a one-way trip... that's just silly, when I only pay a fraction of that to fly commercial."

Well, if you think this is silly... I get it now... it's an entirely different way of thinking for someone who values their time:

So, thanks to flying private, I don't have to wait at the airport, deal with TSA people, deal with lost luggage or connections, and I can work comfortably and privately. And I get back HOURS of my time.

Assuming my flight is 2 hours, then I spend just 2 hours and 10 minutes traveling (compared to your 7+ hours)... and the trip is quiet, productive, and energizing!

Compare that to the 7+ hours to do the same thing by flying commercial.

Now tell me what sounds silly. Spending a couple hundred bucks to put up with that hassle and "killing time" for 7+ hours or spending a few grand and having it simple, fast, fun, and ultra-productive?

That's a VERY easy answer in mind... and for people who understand the value of that extra time then it's a no-brainer.

Let me put it this way: how much do you value your time? $50/hour? Then you might spend $250 for an economy class ticket but you're "spending" another $350 in pure hassle and wasted time.

And me? I'm dropping $15k but I'm flying in total comfort and I'm using that time. Heck, I can do a couple of deals while I'm traveling and the entire trip has paid for itself... meanwhile, you're trying to hold in your pee because you got a window seat and there's an angry biker sitting next to you who doesn't want to move... and right behind you is a kid kicking the back of your seat.

Hell, yes. $15k is a no-brainer.


The truth is, I've known about private jets and I used to sit up in first class on commercial flights and look out the window while we taxied down the runway... and I'd see the jets parked in the hangars and wonder how that could be possible, who are those people were who flew in them, what did they do to achieve their level to fly in those planes, how did they make their money, and I was dreaming about the possibility of just hopping on one of them one day...

... but now I’m on these planes often and I feel super blessed in many ways. I discovered something and if you want to fly private. It’s never been easier.

Truth is it’s easier now to fly private than it’s ever been.

In fact, I recently grabbed some buddies and we flew to The Masters in Augusta...

mark-evans-dm-private-jet-limoGetting ready fly private to The Masters

Are you scared to pull the trigger on flying private? Guess what, you're not alone: Even Tony Robbins was scared to pull the trigger on this! (See what Tony Robbins has to say about this).

Again, it will never make sense to the majority of the world… but the folks I roll with are not normal anyways! 🙂

In my mind, it comes down to this: what is your time worth? If you value your time in a low-budget way then you'll never "get" private travel and you'll have reached the end of this post and say, "it's too expensive." But if you value your time for what it's really worth, the way you SHOULD value your time (the way I value my time) then this is the no-brainer next step for when you travel.

For those that are ready to take their life to the next level, just message me via email or PM on Facebook and I’ll hook you up with a way you can fly private for FREE once in a while. (No joke).

It’s never been easier to fly private, so why sit in economy class (or even first class) with your face pressed up against the window while I walk past you into my private plane? This lifestyle is within your reach, it's never been more easier and more attainable and for those who truly understand the value of their time, it just makes sense.

Your private jetting friend and mentor,
Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, I was dead serious about that invitation to reach out to me to find out how you can fly private... even for free sometimes. Just get in touch by email or PM on Facebook. I'll be watching for YOUR email (and hopefully I'll see you at the FBO in the near future).

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