The DM Is Giving Away FREE Houses

Yep, you read that right. I’m giving away free houses. No strings attached. They will be free and clear, fully refinished and fully furnished.

No, I have not gone crazy.

But before you start lining up, hoping to get one for yourself, let me explain:

There have been a few times in my life when something happened and I knew I would never ever be the same. Only a few. But when they happened, it felt as if there was a DNA change inside me that alter who I was.

Here are a few of them:

  • When I did my first real estate deal. The chills of excitement that ran down my spine when I closed that first deal made me realize that I had found my path in life and I was going to pursue it.
  • Another life changing time was in October 2005 when I realized life is short. My grandmother passed away from cancer. It forced me from my comfort zone and Deena and I went to Florida Dec 31st 2005 to stay for a month… which then turned into 2.5 years traveling the world. This is how and when I discovered the virtual real estate investing world was real... the first step in my evolution to become the globetrotting “DN” (Digital Nomad).

But one of the biggest life changing moments was a completely unexpected surprise. It was an event when I gave away a home, free and clear, refinished and furnished, to a homeless veteran.

I had been moved by the discovery that there are thousands of homeless veterans in the United States and I wanted to do something about it. So I gave away a home to someone who had returned from duty but had no place to live for her and her son.

At the time, I thought I was changing the life of someone else but it turned out that the person who was probably changed the most was me. At that moment, when tears were streaming down my face and I was handing over the keys of the house to this other person, I knew that I was undergoing another major change in my life.

I’ve always been a big proponent of giving back. But this house giveaway took it to whole new level and solidified in my mind that I would dedicate a part of my life and business to something I call “Full Circle Giving” – where we give a hand-up (not a hand-out) to someone in need... and not just a small hand-up but something big, bold, dramatic, and life-changing.

So I’m giving away a free house again.

Scratch that.

I’m giving away MULTIPLE free houses.

I’ve teamed up with Ohio football star Maurice Clarett (you HAVE to hear his story) and his charitable foundation The Comeback Project, and I’ve pledged a million dollars in free houses over the next ten years. Together, we’re going to give away free houses to families in need.

And it all starts on Saturday, June 21st at

Here’s The Free House We’re Giving Away

Just a couple of weeks ago, we started work on this house. Doesn’t look like much, does it? Well you might see a house that has seen better days – things look a little crooked and rough-‘round-the-edges as they say.

Not much to look at right now. But just wait...

But when I look at, I can’t help but see the smiling faces of a family in need – a family that has faced difficult times lately and is in desperate need of a helping hand; a hand-up (not a hand-out); a big change to put them on the right track.

Since this picture was taken, we’ve been doing a lot of work to place. I’ve had my team working around the clock to gut it...

It's ain't pretty but we're making progress!

Now fast-forward a couple of days. Look at where we are now! There’s drywall on the walls and we’re putting down flooring.

The DM is gettin' things done!

As we get closer to the date, I just got this picture...

What a difference from the earlier picture!!!

I can't wait. I'm literally grinning ear-to-ear as I write this. This place is gonna look sweet.

But what’s gonna look even sweeter is the look on the faces of the people whose lives we’re changing with this house.
And this is only the beginning.

As I’ve said, this is house #1 of the houses I’ve pledged to Maurice Clarett and The Comeback Project. There will be more to come.

You Can See What The House Looks Like And Participate

There are some really cool ways that you can participate.

You can donate or become a sponsor of the event, and you can find out more information at

But even if you can’t make a financial contribution, you can participate by watching the event as we stream it live on June 21st.

Here’s what I need you to do: Bookmark right now. Then, on June 21st, go to to see what the house looks like now and to watch lives change from the comfort of your home.

Your friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

PS, The first time I did this, it was life changing for me. And I heard from other people – those who donated and those who watched it online, that it changed them deeply as well. I dare you to risk being changed by this event; I dare you to set aside time on June 21st to watch this event stream live at and see if you don’t end up changed too.

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