The Missing Piece of the 2013 Resolution Puzzle

This is the third blog post in a series about New Year's Resolutions and how to change your life by creating resolutions that actually work.

In this blog post, we're going to look at the one last missing piece of the puzzle in the difference between succeeding at your resolutions and failing at them.

The DM,DN reveals the missing piece of the resolution puzzle

So far, we've looked at the high cost of failed resolutions and I've given you a free plan to help you create resolutions that you can actually achieve. But there's a piece of the puzzle that is missing and I see it all the time in resolutions, goals, and objectives set by people from all walks of life and all year 'round (not just New Year's Resolutions).

I'm going to describe it to you but I need to do it in two parts...

The First Part of the Missing Piece: What Is It?

The first part in the missing piece of a successful resolution is: Action!

That shouldn't surprise you to hear that from me. I'm frequently talking about massive action.

It's the one piece of the puzzle that few people surprisingly take with their resolutions. They RESOLVE to do something (quit smoking, workout, do a real estate deal, whatever) but actually ACTING on that resolution doesn't happen.

Folks, the simple declaration of a resolution does not make it so. You need to move forward.

"But DM, I do take action but I still struggle with achieving my resolutions", you might say. Keep reading because there's a special type of action you have to take...

The Second Part Of The Missing Piece: The Quality Of Action You Need

Taking action is essential. But people do take action and still struggle with their resolutions. (Remember the gym example from the first blog post? That person took action but their resolution still failed).

The reason is: They took action but it was not a certain kind of action.

The action you will want to take, if you are serious about achieving your resolution, is massive, unrelenting action. You need to burn with desire to act on your resolution. The moment you stop being inspired by your resolution and stop burning with desire to achieve it, that's the moment your resolution failed.

When I started investing in real estate (long before I became known as "The DM") I struggled through the first few deals. Not because I didn’t want to do them. I DID want to do them. But because they seemed complicated to me since I had never done them before. But I burned with inspiration to do deals and to succeed and to make a lot of money so that was enough of an inspiration to push me forward.

We all have a fire in our belly – some brighter than others. It’s time you TURN YOUR FIRE UP!

Is there fire in your belly? Turn that fire up!!!

It's the same for you, no matter what resolution you want to do. If you've been talking about doing a real estate deal for a few years now but haven't, it's not because you don't know what to do but because you don't burn with enough desire to see it through.

Yes, there might be things you don't know about doing real estate deals but that lack of knowledge ISN'T what is holding you back. When you burn with enough desire to see something through, you are motivate to push, to learn, to make it happen, to overcome the obstacles.

The missing piece to the puzzle is action, but not just any kind of action. It's action that stems from a burning desire and you can't do or think of anything else except to do that one thing.

So take another look at your resolutions. Are they truly inspiring you? If not, figure out how to make them inspirational. It might mean digging deeper to add more "why" statements. It might mean finding more accountability partners. It might mean modifying your resolution into something you actually want instead of just thinking that you should do.

You create resolutions to "change the game" of your life. So don't set yourself up for failure. Create the resolution and take massive, unrelenting action every single day. Inspiration (your resolution) plus perspiration (your action) equals success. It's a simple equation and it's true for everything in life that is worth having. :)

Your Burning Desire friend and mentor,

Mark Evans DM,DN

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