Uncle DM' hands out a special deal instead of cigars

It's a Girl!

Great news from my family!

My brother-in-law called earlier today to tell me that his wife (my sister) is in labor. She was due Monday but has gone into labor today. This will make me a proud uncle for the fifth time. (Here's a picture of me and my nieces below).

From the bottom up: That’s me ..(The Big Kid) my niece Roslyn (8), Payton (11), Kaydn (2), Samantha (10)

I have four great nieces already and I'm in such a celebratory mood because of my fifth niece that I've decided to make my top five best sellers available to you for only $5.

5 Best Selling Books for ONLY $5 Bucks

I've got 5 best-selling books that real estate investors just like you have come to rely on… (and these are the same books that describe what I do day-in and day-out as The DM).

Normally they sell for $16.95 each, so this limited time deal is an opportunity for you to invest in your own real estate investing education at a savings of over $79.00... CLICK HERE to save $79 Today.

Not only that but I'm also giving away two super-hot bonus audios of yours truly talking to two legends of real estate investing and business. (But there's a catch to all of this so keep reading to find out what the catch is!)

It’s a Celebration!

But to celebrate, I'm practically giving them away for one dollar each… $5 in total to celebrate 5 nieces!

You'll get...

All three Insider Secrets books, the Done For You Life book, and the Guerrilla Marketing book.

Here's just a small snippet of what you will learn in the books you are about to get:

  • Discover how to double your income while also doubling your time off
  • Learn how you can go from a $50,000 Fixer-Upper to a $100 Million Dollar Mansion
  • Discover the huge pool of deals that you have access to right now and can profit greatly from - all while someone else is doing the work for you
  • Discover how you can go from the Corporate World to Real Estate Investor in 1 year or less - all while not risking your own cash or credit
  • Learn how a conventional Realtor went from $4 Million per year in sales to $100 Million per year in sales in one year's time with less work and more time to enjoy life...he reveals to you how you can do the same.
  • 101 Marketing Resources to build your buyers list, and sell deals fast.
  • How to get the cash to close deals: in book # 3 you will see how to get all the cash YOU will EVER need...

CLICK HERE NOW TO GET ALL 5 Books PLUS the bonuses (described below) TODAY for ONLY $5.00!

But Wait There’s MORE!

BONUS: You will get 2 audios that will propel you to a whole new level:

This Audio will have you on the edge of your seat hearing from the LEGEND Jay Conrad Levinson, where he and I reveal some groundbreaking marketing steps to get you moving I the right direction. Keep in mind Jay has sold over 65,000,000 books on Marketing he knows a thing or two. This Audio isn’t for sale, it’s FREE for you as my way of saying Thank YOU!


This audio will have you jumping up and down with excitement as you hear my interview with one of the world's foremost authorities in small business success – Michael Gerber of E-Myth. He answers my most penetrating questions on how you can make your real estate business easier and more profitable. The information in this audio can be used over and over for more and more success in your business. I'm giving away this audio as well!


These are my most popular, most loved best-selling books (and two very rockin' free bonus audios) and they've helped countless other people achieve their dreams of becoming real estate investors.

...And I want you to have them to help your real estate investing business really take off.

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Still not sure?

Consider this:

Now is the perfect opportunity for those of you who are skeptical to check out what I teach (and what I live every single day) and see for yourself just how valuable the information is to help you become a successful real estate investor.

And now is the perfect opportunity for those of you who are maybe on tight budgets or have been putting off the purchase because of other financial commitments to invest in your business and your future at a rock-bottom price.

At $5, there's very little to lose and so much opportunity to gain from each one. (Think of it this way: If you spend $5 on these books and you learn to earn $6 then you have already made a profit. Do you think you'll learn something from one of these 5 books or 2 bonus audios to make a profit? Countless others have proven that the information in these books can help them become financially successful!)

But here's the catch: Obviously I can't do this forever. So the deal is on for only 72 hours.

So CLICK HERE NOW and pick up these books at this ridiculously low, time-limited price while they're still available.

I'm headed out on Saturday to visit my sister in Ohio and to meet my new niece, (Kyndall) I'll post a picture of her shortly.


Your Friend and Mentor and Proud Uncle Mark!

Mark Evans DM, DN

PS. Make sure to get this insane OFFER...ONLY 72 hours for this 5 buck deal... so CLICK HERE NOW!

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