Real Estate

Hi, my name is Mark Evans DM.

I've been in real estate for over 24 years.

I've flipped 1000's of properties across the country.

Residential, commercial, wholesale, retails, fix and flips, rentals ...

I've done it all.

I've taught 1000s' of other real estate investors how to do the same.

What most don't know is, for about 12 of the last 24 years, I've also been in the online/e-comm space selling physical products.

Both my real estate and e-comm businesses have made me millions of dollars.

I'm ain't talking gross numbers like most of the "gurus" out there either.

I'm talking net ... money that goes into my bank account.

I get asked all the time.... which is a better .... which has made me more ... is it real estate or is it e-commerce?

Well, I'll tell you...

If you're in real estate ... flipping, rehabbing, wholesaling ... doesn't matter ... there are real constraints to how much money you can make.

On the flipside the kind of money you can make online in the e-comm are bigger than anything I've you'll generate in real estate.

Plus I'm not talking to buyers, sellers, contractors, lawyers ... getting permits ... any of that

The way I have my e-comm stores structured -- it's completely hands off business for me.

Not only is it hands off ... it's massively scalable too.

It takes a lot of work and grit to personally net $1M a year in real estate.

I've done it many times.

And not to be cocky ... I'm pretty damn good at it too.

For the average real estate investor ... it's damn near impossible to break the 7 figure a year mark.

However, in the e-comm world I meet "kids" who are pulling in millions with their stores and barely work 20 hours a week.

I'm still relatively "new" and my team and I do million dollar months in net profits with all our stores.

Our team runs close 80+ of these stores. Some are brand new and only make $10K per month ... and others make almost $700K per month. Here are some screenshots from a few of them.


And despite what people say...

Amazon is NOT the way to go.

I know because I've done it.

I've actually found a much more profitable way to get in this game.

It's still the wild west and it'll soon become BIGGER than Amazon!

I ain't kidding.

Want to see what it is?

Check your email.

I'll tell you everything you need to know and even give you a sneak peak of my operation.

The subject line is: here's my E-comm operation (picture inside)

Go check your email now,

Mark Evans DM

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