MEconomy: How to Control Every Part of Your Life

I want this to be a life book that carries on forever. It will allow the reader to realize that they have 1 shot to live life to the fullest and it doesn't matter what others say, or what others do. This book will help you identify and navigate the changes you will need to make in your life if you want to take control of every aspect of your life.Have you ever wondered why some struggle at most of the things they do – while some seem to do it effortlessly? It comes down to understanding that YOU are in control of your own world. Your own economy.

The ME Economy will show you the way. Mark Evans DM is a 10X bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and family man. The DM has been a staple in the real estate investing community ever since he started hosting events and seminars all across the United States. Nowadays, his reputation is heavily based on his ability to help other entrepreneurs automate and scale their businesses. His book, Magician Vs. Mule, provided the world a glimpse into how he runs two 8-figure businesses and still obtains time freedom.

Mark’s expertise in creating, building, and maintaining multiple revenue streams in many different industries helps him connect with investors from all different backgrounds. Along with being a consummate business strategist, the Dealmaker is widely known for being a guy who loves spending time with his family. His wife Deena, his son Mark, and his daughter Dria are what drive him more than anything.