Real Estate

Hi, my name is Mark Evans DM.

I've been doing real estate for 24+ years.

As you may or may not know ... I'm hillbilly that was raised in a run-down trailer park with my 2 sisters outside Columbus, Ohio.

I got into real estate to get us out of that life ... so busted my ass and flipped my first deal when I was 18.

(Yup that's me and my work truck!)

That was all the back in 1996.

Since then I've done 1000s of deals.

We're out of that trailer park now.

I got a home down here in Florida and a summer home back up in Ohio (the summers down south are BRUTAL!)

My homes are little nicer than the trailer park was, if you want you can see some pics on my Instagram and FaceBook. ( I gotta post for social media ya know 🙂 )

(My lil' guy and me about to go cruise in the 79' Bronco)

Anyways you've probably seen me online ... maybe not, I don't know ...but I've done every kind of real estate deal out there.

Rehab... probates... flipping... residential .... commercial ... buy and hold ... wholesale ... 1031's ... like I said -- all of it.

One of my "secrets" to getting the most profitable deals out there is using a direct mail.

I'm not talking about those plain ass post cards 99% of these cookie cutter "we buy" guys use.

I'm talking about a postcard with a, well, different message.

This card pulls 4X's the number of qualified leads as anything else I've ever tested.

Want to see it?

Then check your email right now ... because I sent it over to you.

Put your credit card away too.

I ain't gonna charge you for this (even though I should 😉 )

The subject line is: here's that postcard (400X bigger response rate)

Thank me later,

Mark Evans DM

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