The 10-Minute Business Owner: Experience Freedom, Build Wealth, and Create a Life Worth Living

Are you a business owner that’s working harder but not making more? More stress, less sleep, and you still rarely get to spend time on yourself and family? If you and your company are really ready to thrive, it’s time to begin working on your business, not in it. Mark Evans DM spends only ten minutes a day on each of his two multi-million dollar empires.
In The 10-Minute Business Owner, he shares with you how to work less and make more, while maintaining control, visibility, structure, and culture. From pushing boundaries to getting focused, hiring right, and knowledging up, Mark offers high-level advice to growing wealth and freedom. Spending your entire life with your business doesn't make you a better leader. Stop wasting time, start thinking bigger, buy back your time, make more money, and discover what success truly is.