Mark Evans DM is a 10X best-selling author, owner of multiple multi-million dollar businesses, real estate mogul, and angel investor to countless partners. 


He's involved in everything from real estate deals, restaurants, media companies, e-commerce stores, real estate developments, private lending, and everything in between. 


Mark's able to run multiple companies without ever going to an office due to his business philosophy which he talks about in his book: 'Magician vs. Mule' 


Mark is also a mentor to 1000's of business owners around the world. 


But it wasn't always like this. Far from it. 


Mark grew up in a trailer park outside of Columbus, Ohio with his parents and 2 sisters where money was a constant source of stress for his family. 


He knew he wanted a better life and working a traditional 9-to-5 wasn't going to cut.  


... so he went the entrepreneurial route and never looked back. 


At 18 he purchased his very first company (a gutter business) for $2,000. 


By 30 he was flipping upwards of 60+ homes per month without ever stepping foot into a single property. 


At 40 he has his hands in over 30+ businesses, multiple cashflow streams, and has created a name for himself in the business world as "The Deal Maker" (that's what the DM in his name stands for) due to his ability to make it happen. 


However, cliche it may sound Mark Evans DM "walks his talk." 


He's traveled the world for 7 years straight, given away homes to the less fortunate, built an entire village in Haiti, and continues to give his time and fortune to those in need. 


Mark has a business mind like no other and lives a lifestyle that most can only dream of ... but his best quality is his character. He does what he says ... and in a world full of posers and shysters ... it's refreshing to see a man keep his word and follow through. Mark is one of the good ones.  


He currently resides near Cleveland, Ohio and Parkland, Florida with his beautiful 2 children, Mark & Dria, and his loving wife, Deena.  


Stay tuned for what's next .... because Mark Evans DM is just getting started.