EP 140: Not Getting The Results YOU Want In Your Business or Life? This 1 Thing Can Change Everything

While all the gurus on Money Twitter™ like to pound their chest about “being busy”...

They never post the true reason why somebody’s a millionaire — or billionaire:


Simple? Yes. 

Easy? Hell no.

The reason why these gurus don’t talk about it is because it’s not sexy. It’s not cool. And you’ll never see these fluffpreneuers post about it on their social media. 

But it’s the bedrock behind my success, and every other single successful entrepreneur I know. 

So with all that said, in today’s episode, I reveal how to exercise your “urgency muscle.” I also reveal how to break down the math of earning $100,000 per month. 

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • Why ignoring your mom and dad unlocks herculean levels of discipline (9:42)
  • How to shorten the time required to renovate your house from 10 months to 80 days (without sacrificing build quality) (10:15)
  • The false “5 year to become a millionaire” myth that robs you of your rightly deserved fortunes (12:18)
  • Yes, you can make a million dollars in under 365 days (12:29)
  • How to break into the two comma club by exercising your “urgency muscle” (24:08)

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