EP 141: The Trick I Use to Turn My Dreams into Reality...

When I moved into my apartment, I didn’t have gas or electricity.

That meant no hot showers — I was taking cold showers before it was cool! The apartment was so small, I could take an ice cold shower, warm up a frozen tv dinner, and use the toilet at the exact same time.

Now I own 3 Rolls Royces, multiple mansions, I spoil my wife and kids with first class trips to Europe, and I also own a jet (and a yacht or two.)

I didn’t get here by accident. There was a trick I used to turn my dreams into reality.

Best part?

You can copy it.

In today’s episode, I reveal this trick you can use to turn your dreams into a reality.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Why thinking “rich people had to rip someone else off to get there” forever closes the floodgates of wealth (7:36)
  • Yes, masterminds and mentorship groups still work (9:02)
  • Why stalking Columbis, Ohio ethically forces you to become an uber rich millionaire (dare I say billionaire) (10:37)
  • How “Think and Grow Rich” deceives you into thinking you’re making progress (when you’re actually not) (11:56)
  • Where to find millionaires (and billionaires) who have access to the “cheat code” of life (12:07)
  • The “Break The Frame” secret that makes it seem normal to own 3 Rolls Royces, $20 million mansions (and a couple of yachts) (13:18)
  • Why paying for advice from people who make $300,000 a year is a form of legal stealing (28:38)

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