EP 01: What is The Making Of A DM about?

It starts here. It’s time to draw a line in the sand. I’m creating a world of Deal-Makers and showing people how to get whatever they want in life.

Whether that’s a lifestyle of mansions and caviar or a life of meaning and legacy. The way to get whatever it is you want is to become a Deal-Maker.

My name is Mark Evans DM (the DM stands for Deal-Maker!) Let me show you how to become a Deal-Maker in business and life.

Show Highlights:

  • An honest glimpse into the online business world, and why most people aren’t as successful as they make you believe (2:25)
  • The Wealth Formula: How to stop trading your time for money (5:00)
  • Timeless advice for building true, internal confidence (10:45)
  • Why we lose momentum and how to regain it TODAY (12:40)
  • How to stay focused on the right things as an Entrepreneur (14:50)
  • Turning your intentions into real success (16:45)
  • The telltale sign you’re probably not doing enough to achieve your goals (20:45)

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