EP 04: 3 Things Missing That's Holding You Back From The Next Level

What if I told you that there were three things missing from your life that are preventing you from all the success you’ve ever imagined. Three things causing all of your pain. Three simple things.

Have I got your attention? It sounds too good to be true - and it’s got nothing to do with money or some kind of unicorn horn. The 3 things I want to share with you today will control whether or not you rise up to the next level - in ALL areas of your life. 

These are the things that separate Deal Makers from the average person.

Show Highlights:

  • One of the most outwardly identifiable qualities of all high-performers (1:30)
  • The thing that’s keeping you stuck in a cycle of procrastination, worry, and fear (11:00)
  • One daily habit that extremely successful Deal Makers swear by (17:15)

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