EP 09: Gratitude is my Secret Weapon... How to use it to grow...

If I could give you a magic potion that would make you healthier, happier, and more optimistic, and it wouldn’t cost you anything and would require very little effort to use, would you be interested?

Gratitude is my secret weapon, and today I’m going to show you the correct way to use it so you can grow in ALL areas of your life.

Show Highlights:

  • How to start building a powerful legacy NOW (2:20) 
  • The real tradeoff for success (8:20)
  • Why everything is YOUR fault, and why that’s a good thing (8:45)
  • Shifting your perspective when going through tough times (11:30)
  • How to be happy even when you’re ‘losing’ (15:00)
  • Stop being so obsessed with the outcome. Focus on THIS instead (21:30)
  • Why more money won’t solve all your problems (29:10)
  • The #1 question that drives me forward every-single-day (31:40)
  • How to stop playing small and win BIG at life (36:15)
  • Why you should stop pretending you’ll live forever (38:00)

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