EP 101: How to Scale Your Business with Confidence Through Marketing w/ Peter


Everyone says they want to grow their business. But they’re scared to “waste” money on marketing. 

Here’s the cold, hard truth: 

Your business days are numbered if you don’t “waste” money on marketing. It’s the most profitable way to spend your money — especially when you understand how to leverage data. 

In this episode, you’ll discover why data gives you an unfair advantage for scaling your business. 

If you want to grow your company, this is the only show you should listen to. Listen now.    

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Selling 24/7” secret you must harness to survive in business today (5:12) 
  • How understanding these 4 key data points makes scaling your business a walk in the park (8:00) 
  • Why being scared to “waste” money in your business is a recipe for an early death (and how to overcome this fear) (10:40) 
  • The “90 Day Cycle” approach for your marketing campaigns which prevent you from wasting your cash and turning off a profitable channel (16:00) 
  • Why tweaking your ads too soon lights your marketing budget on fire (even if your ads aren’t converting) (17:17) 
  • The sneaky “Call on Saturday” trick for doubling your conversions from your leads list overnight (22:06) 
  • How spending $300 for a $100 customers “nukes” your competitors (without sacrificing your business) (29:21) 
  • The simple “text a friend” strategy for dramatically increasing your email open rates and replies (36:44) 
  • The overlooked “Skiptracing PPC” method which can drown your pipeline with warm leads (38:20) 
  • The counterintuitive reason the angriest leads you talk to make the best customers (even if they tell you to F off) (42:03) 

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