EP 103: Poor People Love To Say Their Balanced

Balance is a word that makes people feel good. But it comes with a dangerous cost: Your legacy. 

Here’s the cold, hard truth:

Most people use balance to justify their lack of action and results. They say they’re balanced so they don’t feel like a broke loser. But they are. 

In this episode, I’m ripping apart the balance myth everyone believes in. And I’ll show you how to get everything you want in life — by disregarding balance. 

Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • A sneaky, yet powerful “hack” for connecting with other high-level entrepreneurs (3:26) 
  • How to transform your biggest competitors into collaborating interns in one day (6:14) 
  • The insidious way you use balance to justify your lack of action and results (10:27) 
  • Why seeking happiness is a dirt-simple way to end up miserable and poor (14:38) 
  • The sadistic way you leverage your words to sabotage your life without even realizing it (25:49) 
  • Why becoming a productivity master won’t fix your negative bank account (29:33) 
  • The bulletproof formula for hitting your wildest goals in record time (32:18) 
  • The “Stretch your Brain” secret which unlocks anything you want in life and business (33:58) 

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