EP 104: Q and A with The DM! Caution: Only Listen To This If You're Ready For Massive Breakthroughs!

People always ask me if they can be a fly on the wall while I make millions from my home. They think they’d learn about business from what I do, but they’d learn far more from what I don't do. 

I don’t fill my calendar with pointless 15-minute meetings all day. I don’t waste time with Mickey Mouse conversations. And I don’t complain about anything that’s out of my control. 

Instead, I do the work. That’s how I’m able to accomplish more in 4 hours than most people do all week. 

Do you want to do the same? Then listen to today’s episode. I’m answering a bunch of questions and giving you real, unfiltered million dollar answers. 

Listen now and have a massive breakthrough in business and life this month. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why you’ll make more money and enjoy more freedom as an intrapreneur than banging your head against a wall trying to be an entrepreneur (6:17) 
  • The poisonous “Broke Mindset” that keeps you poor no matter how much cash is sitting in your bank account (7:52) 
  • Why being the richest person in your friend group suffocates your wealth and strangles your dreams (12:07) 
  • The counterintuitive way telling a prospect “no thanks” skyrockets your confidence and closing rate (21:09) 
  • The cold, hard truth about why you’re making a fraction of what you’re worth right now (23:35) 
  • How filling your calendar with meeting and calls actually makes you poorer (29:23) 
  • The billionaire’s “lose money often” secret that sounds backwards but backs up a Brinks truck into your bank account (44:01) 

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