EP 105: The Decision That Will Kill You! It Kills Dreams, and Sucks the Life Out of All ... Proceed with Caution!

There’s one decision I see many entrepreneurs make all the time and it breaks my heart. 


Because this decision is lethal. It murders your dreams. Siphons your energy. Sucks your soul out of your body. And if you make this decision long enough, it can kill you. 

In this episode, you’ll discover what this decision is and the dirt-simple way to never make this decision again. 

Listen now, it just might save your life and business. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why “pimping” your material wealth on social media helps an untold amount of people (even if it feels like you’re bragging) (5:11) 
  • The “Context Trick” which lets you get away with showing off (without looking like an arrogant jerk) (6:49) 
  • How hating on others’ success is like holding your future self at gunpoint and stealing your wealth (8:52) 
  • This one simple Google search instantly decapitates the hate you have for people with more money than you (9:10) 
  • The profound “Never Settle” mindset tweak which encourages you to keep going (even when you're getting sued and are on the brink of bankruptcy) (11:16) 
  • Why you’re no different than someone who owns multiple $100 million houses (13:02) 
  • The single most lethal, haunting, and soul-sucking decision you can make (15:33) 
  • The counterintuitive reason making wrong decisions is one of the most profitable activities you can do (even if you lose a heap of money) (17:12) 
  • Why wearing the same outfit every day helps you make smarter, quicker, and more profitable decisions (23:54) 

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