EP 106: Do YOU want me to be your Co-Signer?

I have bad news: 

You have been brainwashed. By your teachers. By your parents. By your friends. By your business partners. And by everyone else you love. 

You think you must have permission to make a decision. But here’s the cold, hard truth: 

Nothing steals your wealth and imprisons you to a mediocre life than waiting for permission. 

And I have good news: 

I’m giving you permission to do whatever you want. I’m giving you permission to dominate. I’m giving you permission to take loss after loss and continue to keep going because you know you’re inches away from massive wealth. 

In this episode, I’m giving you permission to win on all levels: health, wealth, finances, fitness, and fun. After listening to this episode, you’ll never have to ask for permission again. And your life will never look the same as it does right now. 

Listen now and take the first step towards building an unstoppable legacy. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Mentor Yourself” method which helps you transform business-threatening obstacles into money-making opportunities (2:46) 
  • The insidious programming we’ve gone through that steals your wealth, legacy, and impact (and how to delete it from your psyche) (4:08) 
  • The simple “ask for forgiveness” mindset tweak that can double your net worth by the end of the year (5:26) 
  • Why relying on your accountant for marketing advice is a good way to bankrupt your business before next tax season (7:54) 
  • The “Sexy Business” secret which makes your customers want to tattoo your brand on their neck (11:52) 
  • The profound “10X Tithing Effect” which gives you a better ROI than your top-performing marketing channel (15:43) 
  • How sharing gratitude when you’re frustrated and overwhelmed instantly lifts the frustration fog surrounding you (24:00) 

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