EP 109: What would YOU do if YOU couldn't FAIL?

Most entrepreneurs like to feel like the king dingaling. They pretend they’re at the top of their game because it’s comfortable. 

But in reality, they’re scared to death of growth. 

Look, I get it. Growth scares me too. It scares everyone. But it doesn’t have to stop you from achieving your wildest dreams. 

In fact, it can empower you to achieve those dreams if you let it instead of letting your fears consume you. 

In this episode, I’m giving you the secret to crush your fears and finally live the life you deserve. 

Listen now if you’re ready to change your life. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The powerful “Participation Season” secret that will add an extra 0 to your bank account by the end of year (4:06) 
  • How ingraining this dead simple question into your brain makes failing impossible (5:30) 
  • Why accepting your fears helps you conquer them and build the multi-million dollar business you’ve been dreaming about (6:46) 
  • How donating to charity when you’re dirt broke magnetizes wealth and opportunities into your life (8:19) 
  • The cold, hard truth about why people dumber than you laugh their way to the banks while you worry about your bills (10:23) 
  • The deadly “Where You’re At” decision filter which imprisons you to a life of mediocrity (even if you sniff some success) (12:48) 
  • How to turn one hundred grand into half a billion—in just 7 years! (23:51) 
  • Why “wasting” $25 grand for an hour meeting is the single fastest way to catapult your wealth to uncomfortable levels (34:44)  

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