EP 110: Automate Conversations and Only Deal with "Hungry" Prospects...

I made a MASSIVE mistake… 

I NEVER shared what I reveal in this episode with you. And I’m sorry it’s taken this long.


The scaling hacks you’ll discover in this episode unlocked tens of millions of dollars for me many times over. And I guarantee it will do the same for you. 

And you know what? 

It’s so braindead simple and obvious, anyone selling anything can tap into its power — yes, even you. You will be shocked when you realize how easy it is. And you might even hate my guts for not sharing it with you sooner. 

But I can promise you this: 

If you act on what I reveal in this episode, the only financial problem you’ll have is whether you should buy a yacht or a private plane. I’m dead serious. 

Listen to this episode and you’ll forever change the course of your life, your business, and your finances. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “KLT Secret” which scales your business at lightning speed — whether you sell real estate, dildos, or anything in between (5:11) 
  • The simple, yet profound “Scale with Authority” formula which makes clients beg you to let them buy from you (13:38) 
  • How to make more money with a CD and a fax machine than your favorite guru grosses in a year (18:08) 
  • The life-altering “one-to-many” trick which pays for your private planes, luxurious yacht trips, and any piece of jewelry you want (20:53) 
  • Why “pimping” yourself out for free is the fastest way to your first million (22:14) 
  • How to make an extra 6 to 7 figures in 30 days (or less) doing nothing other than listening to this show (24:50) 
  • How to “pack” 40 days worth of work and revenue into one hour (27:50) 
  • Why shelling out $1,000 a month on a mastermind will grow your business more than all the top courses, books, and seminars combined (even if you learn nothing new) (32:54)
  • The braindead simple 3-step formula which made me tens of millions of dollars many times over — and will do the exact same for you (41:46) 
  • How looking like an utter idiot and creating something nobody buys makes it almost impossible to fail in business (44:17) 

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