EP 114: Who Do YOU Call When S.H.T.F.?

Stealing partners, finance falling through, key team members quitting… Shit hits the fan all the time in business. 

These events shut down your logical thinking. So if you can’t make logical decisions, how do you get out of such a catastrophe? 

You pick up the phone and start dialing. 

Imagine having a successful entrepreneur on speed dial, who’s faced your exact problem before. You’d solve the problem faster, right? 

Now imagine having a dozen of them. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to build a network of A-players you can call on every time shit hits the fan. You’ll get out of a rut faster, access million dollar deals and develop lifelong friendships. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The “old-school” way to do deals that saves time and boosts your reputation (2:48) 
  • How to get ahead in business by negotiating like a 5th grader (3:56) 
  • The “board of directors” method that lets you break free of any business catastrophe even if emotions cloud your judgment (7:50)
  • The weird way standing by the water cooler helps solve the most heated business problems (14:58) 
  • The only way to become a self-made multi-millionaire by 30 (20:19)
  • Avoid business disaster with nothing but karate art and a handwritten letter (22:55) 

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