EP 115: Birthday Special: The 3 Biggest Discoveries I Made Over The Last 44 Years (And 1 Thing I Warn Every Entrepreneur To Never Do)

Becoming a successful entrepreneur with several 7 and 8 figures businesses isn’t easy. It took me 44 years to figure it out. 

But you know what? 

It will only take you listening to this episode. 

I’m revealing the 3 biggest lessons that let me run multiple 7and 8 figure per year businesses. Plus, I share the one mistake that almost cost me my future, so you don’t make the same mistake. 

Listen now — this episode will change your life and business forever. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The powerful “Letter” technique or connecting with your loved ones on a deeper level (3:40) 
  • How reading 10-20 pages of a book every day gives you an unfair advantage for success (6:42) 
  • Why your “Relationship Capital” is worth at least 1000x more than having millions in your bank account (10:30) 
  • How to become a multimillionaire in your entrepreneurial career by simply being a good friend (15:34) 
  • Why you can build a business empire if you know how to call AAA when your car breaks down (19:50) 
  • The simple, yet advanced “Who, Not How” secret which fast tracks your wealth at an unbelievable rate (22:16) 
  • How hypnotizing yourself with these 3 lessons lets you build multiple 7 and 8 figure per year businesses (26:34) 
  • The single biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make that shackles them to a life of mediocrity and misery (29:27) 
  • Why “wasting” money for first class tickets might be the most profitable investment you ever make (36:51) 

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