EP 116: This Free Tool has Generated Millions of Dollars in Revenue and Got Me in Rooms that I Didn't Know Existed.

Social media is the single most powerful tool you can harness. 

It hand-delivers multi-million dollar business deals to your doorstep. It unlocks an endless amount of opportunities. And it even helps you find your best friends. 

But here’s the problem: 

You’re not using social media the right way. You’re afraid you’ll get judged for sharing your wins. You’re terrified people will think you’re a scam artist if you share your losses. So you don’t post — and wither away the most powerful tool you have access to. 

That ends today. In this episode, you’ll discover the social media secrets for generating millions of dollars in revenue. And how to stop getting in your own way. 

Listen now before one of your competitors does. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Smoking Cigars” secret for using social media to find your next multi-millionaire partner (3:42)
  • How to make an extra $100 grand today by only using social media (5:19)
  • The brain dead simple social media content formula which instantly magnetizes high-level relationships to you (8:14)
  • How to multiply your impact, opportunities, and even the number in your bank account by spending 20 minutes a day posting emojis(11:33)
  • The only secret you need to build a massive and engaged following on any social media platform you use (13:11)
  • Why people unfollowing you on social media actually catapults your income (even if you think it’ll butcher it) (23:05) 

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