EP 118: When There’s Blood In Streets, Millionaires Are Made. Will YOU Be One Of Them?

The economy hasn’t been doing well recently. Stocks tanked, inflation skyrocketed, layoffs happen everywhere… 

Lots of people are scared—will they keep their jobs? Will prices keep rising? Do they have to close their business? 

You might think this economy is rough and will kill you. But the truth is: Many of the wealthiest, most successful people emerged from recessions, depressions and other tough times. 

You can decide you’ll come out of this as a millionaire—or you can be like the rest and whine about the economy. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how to make sure these times make you wealthier and more successful! 

Want to be one of the few that makes a fortune in tough times? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • Why you’ll never have financial freedom if you make excuses.(4:48)
  • The odd way telling yourself you’ve never achieved anything makes you reach your goals and reach financial freedom. (9:38)
  • Why needing nothing is the best way to attract more wealth and freedom into your life. (15:13)
  • How most people lie to themselves about their work, dreams and ambitions—and why you can’t reach your goals if you do this.(21:11)
  • How to multiply your income streams by building businesses you know nothing about. (28:55)

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