EP 12: Is your Marketing a cost or investment?

How do you find more paying customers for your business?

It doesn’t just happen out of thin air and it’s very unlikely you’ll create the next viral post that brings in thousands of new customers.

Marketing is both an art and a science - and once you really understand how to use it and how to multiply your voice, it literally becomes your ticket to print money.

Today I’m joined by Jeremy Blunt to talk about marketing and investing in yourself. At the end of the day, we’re ALL in the business of marketing and sales. And if you fail to understand how to market in today’s day, you’re not going to be in business very long.

Listen up as we dive DEEP into helping you make more sales, market better and waste less money.

Show Highlights:

  • Getting started before you’ve got it all figured out (2:30)
  • Why curiosity is critical to your success (3:00)
  • The one type of marketing I would never recommend you use (4:45)
  • Your REAL job as a marketer (6:10)
  • A book that’ll help you attract a flood of new customers (14:20)
  • Push vs. Pull marketing - and which you need in your business (15:00)
  • The easiest way to sell absolutely anything (16:20)
  • How to create marketing messages that speak directly to your perfect client (18:30)
  • The future of marketing and where the attention is headed (22:45)
  • How to craft a marketing story that people embrace and share (28:00)
  • The #1 rule of marketing (32:10)
  • Building a business in someone else’s backyard (38:00)
  • One ‘life’ skill every Entrepreneur needs to master (45:00)
  • CLV and why you need to measure it (57:00)

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