EP 120: How To Protect Your Reputation As An Entrepreneur with Wesley Donahue

Your reputation is everything in business. It’s the differencebetween becoming a decamillionaire—or barely passing sixfigures. 

But your reputation has never been harder to protect. One badtweet can get you canceled and bankrupt your business. 

In this episode, political and corporate consultant, WesleyDonahue, reveals how to protect your reputation and business (evenwhen cancel culture comes after you). 

Listen now — this is the most important episode for yourbusiness, your future, and your family. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to grow your business faster in the next 2 years thanyou’ve done in the last decade (3:40) 
  • The insanely profitable and rarely discussed “Maneuver throughManure” business plan (4:36) 
  • How to immunize yourself from the crazies trying to cancel you(even if you say something “offensive”) (4:48) 
  • Why admitting your DUI instead of hiding it builds anunbreakable bond of trust with your audience (7:48) 
  • How one bad tweet can sabotage your family’s security,happiness, and mental health (11:57) 
  • The one almost-too-simple rule which prevents your businessfrom failing (even when you’re drowning in a PR crisis)(30:18) 
  • The weird way cold showers protects your business fromcatastrophes (31:17) 

Want to protect yourself from cancel culture? Go to https://underfirebook.com/ and get Wesley’s book,“Under Fire: 13 Rules for Surviving Cancel Culture (and othercrises).” And follow Wesley on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wesleydonehue/

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