EP 124: 8 Things I Learned in 8 Years of Marriage and So Much More

Marriage ain’t easy. And it’s especially tough on entrepreneurs. 

Here's why this is a blessing:

Every day, you have another chance to improve your marriage. Some days will suck, yes. But if you push through them, your marriage becomes bulletproof. 

In this episode, you’ll discover the 8 most important things I’ve learned in 8 years of marriage that will not only protect you from divorce, but will make your love grow stronger every single day. 

And you know what? These lessons also apply to business. 

Listen now.  

Show highlights include: 

  • How hanging around your family too much can sabotage your business (even if you love speddning time with them) (7:14) 
  • The only difference between the wealthiest person in your neighborhood and you (9:38) 
  • Why getting marriage counseling before you’re married protects you from divorce (15:22) 
  • The insidious “Be Right” trap people in relationships fall into which poisons the relationship from the inside out (17:08) 
  • The “Dream Together” trick which keeps your marriage strong and growing every day (18:59) 
  • How too much structure in your marriage slowly rots the excitement and love you both feel (22:55) 
  • The “date every week” mindset secret for falling deeper in love with your spouse every day (24:40) 
  • How to transform your biggest, most humiliating failures into lessons that generate cold, hard cash (34:30) 

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