EP 15: Where Are You Pulling Your Drive Or Passion From?

Too many people give up on their dreams. 

I visited my hometown and inside every house was someone who gave up. You could tell from the outside of their house. 

Today I’m meditating on why my life turned out to be so dramatically different than everyone I grew up with. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The 5 word sentence that magically mutates your negative thoughts into positive ones (2:44) 
  • How you’re robbing yourself of opportunity without even realizing it (15:46) 
  • How to conquer your mental anchors that keep you stagnant (7:07) 
  • The secret about what highly successful people focus on that less successful people don’t (22:51) 
  • How we’ve programmed ourselves to fear change and how to overcome it (7:20) 
  • Why comfort is deadlier than poison (9:30) 
  • How to use your impending death to get the most out of life (12:54) 
  • Why you need to be more selfish (16:45) 

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