EP 22: The Trip That Changed My Life Forever And Could Possibly Change Yours Too.


There are certain “forbidden” things that we must do if we want to push the boundaries on what’s possible in our businesses and lives. 

For example, taking an entire month off from your business while you go out and travel. Yes, even if your business “needs” you. 

The truth is that what got you to your current spot in life is not what will take you to that next level. 

And today, I’m sharing how traveling is the secret hack that will forever change your life, grow your business, and expand your mindset on what’s possible. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why not being the smartest in the room is actually your unfair advantage and how to leverage it (3:32) 
  • The dirty “C-word” too many are afraid of that chains them to a life mediocrity (6:55) 
  • The case for leaving your business for 30 days — especially if your business needs you (8:47) 
  • Are you sabotaging your team without even realizing it? Find out here... (10:47) 
  • How traveling can “unlock” certain sections of your brain that otherwise wouldn’t have been opened (12:07) 
  • How micromanaging your team is far more sinister than you think (15:41) 
  • The sneaky little trick to instantly eliminate anxiety when you’re planning your goals (32:32) 
  • The brutal truth you need to hear if you spend all your days “putting out fires” in your business (37:45) 
  • How nothing other than clicking a couple of keys can double your revenue in 30 days or less (49:44) 

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