EP 25: From Coal Miner to Multi-Millionaire Business with Cory Gregory


Entrepreneurs aren’t nearly as impacted by the pandemic and lockdown as normal people are. Why? They have something in their genes that makes them unsusceptible to their surroundings. 

The truth is the most successful entrepreneurs fight an uphill battle every day that prepares them for everything — including a nationwide lockdown. 

But you need a certain level of confidence or else you’ll be blubbering around like the rest of the fools. But if you understand a few key mindsets, you’ll never have to worry about the success of your business again. 

In today’s episode, Cory Gregory joins me to share how he went from a burnt out and broke coal miner to becoming a multi-millionaire fitness entrepreneur so you can duplicate his success. Cory shares his secrets for success during uncertain times, how to become more confident, and why most people fail at living to their full potential. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • The “Barter Method” that helps you ball out on a tiny budget (3:57) 
  • The skill shared by the most successful amongst us that bulletproofs them against any adverse situation (5:12) 
  • How to sneak in high level development content into your day without spending any extra time (8:01) 
  • How your television turns your brain to mush and wreaks havoc on your business (11:18) 
  • The trick for instantly feeling better during your bad days (14:34) 
  • Why being poor has nothing to do with the amount of money in your bank account (18:34) 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secret for smashing past any limiting beliefs your brain throws at you (21:05) 
  • The 2 biggest reasons you’re failing at accomplishing your dreams (29:01) 
  • How luxurious material items will make your business more profitable (33:18) 
  • How to “get away” with eating wings and drinking beers without sabotaging your fitness (43:12) 

If you want to learn more about Cory and his fitness programs, check out his website at http://corygfitness.com/. For supplements that will increase your gains in the gym, check out his supplement company at https://www.maxeffortmuscle.com/. And for high level fitness and business advice, check out his popular podcast Business and Biceps

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