EP 28: Get Addicted to Winning, Stop Making Losing Acceptable! The Raw Truth About Life and Success.

Everyone is addicted to something. 

Winners are addicted to winning. And losers are addicted to losing. That’s why winners hang around other winners and plot their next wins. While losers hang with other losers and complain about how bad their life sucks. 

But being a winner or a loser is a choice. And it’s one of the most important decisions you can make. Nothing will catapult you to success or yank you down to failure more than that decision. 

Whether you think you’re a winner or a loser, one thing is certain: You’re only operating at 10% of your capacity. In this episode, I reveal how to make yourself addicted to success so you can have a life you could never even dream of having. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How you’re robbing yourself blind of money-making opportunities (3:19) 
  • The cold, hard truth about why you’re a broke loser who fails at everything (4:48) 
  • The most dangerous addiction you can have (that’s 100x more deadly than any drug addiction) (5:17) 
  • How to rake in billions only owning 12% of a company (9:05) 
  • The only two things you need to turn anything into a money-printing machine (11:12) 
  • Why 6 inches is the only difference between feasting or fasting in every aspect of your life (12:47) 
  • The Prisoner’s Secret for clearing over a million dollars a year (16:36) 
  • Why only losers save their money (30:14) 
  • The stupid-easy yet expensive way to put your confidence of steroids (43:46)  
  • Why winners celebrate every time they lose (53:57)  

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