EP 30: Money is attracted to _ _ _ _ _. | I’ve Never Met A Millionaire That Didn’t Have This Quality

Every millionaire I’ve ever met has one thing in common. 

They implement their ideas immediately instead of mentally masturbating about them. They don’t care if it’s a massive failure — because they understand every failure is an opportunity to improve. 

Too often, people talk a big game, but don’t take action. This is because they’re secretly horrified that other people will judge them when they fail. 

But everyone fails — especially millionaires. 

But would you rather live in fear of failing and being judged or using that as fuel to make your dreams happen? 

In this episode, I reveal the formula for success all millionaires have used and how you can use your past failures as fuel to get where you want to be. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why overthinking is like euthanizing your business (8:03) 
  • Why you should want to mess up as much as possible (9:34) 
  • Why ugly imperfections always beat pretty perfections (12:23) 
  • The “Triple D Method” for getting more done in less time (12:53) 
  • Why soul-crushing failures are the quickest way to achieve mind-blowing success (20:24) 
  • The obsessive girlfriend’s secret to closing deals (25:14) 
  • Obnoxiously charming tricks that demand instant attention (even if your lead has ghosted you) (26:49) 
  • How to turn your most frustrated client into your most loyal supporter (39:55) 

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