EP 34: The Sure Fire Way To Produce Income For The Rest Of Your Life!

Nothing you will ever do will be more profitable than working for free. It’s downright counterintuitive, but it works like gangbusters. 

Not only is working for free easier than working for millions of dollars, but it will create a rabid fanbase that are ready to fight any war on your behalf. That’s why working for free is so powerful. 

In this episode, I’m sharing the best way to work for free, how to become a content creation machine, and why perfection actually hurts your content. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • How working for free will set you up with massive wealth for the rest of your life (1:43) 
  • Why how many listeners you have doesn’t matter (even if it’s only 1 person) (9:13) 
  • How to easily pump out 4 books (or more) doing nothing more than having conversations (9:50) 
  • How your kids remove all the pressure that comes with creating content (14:23) 
  • The counterintuitive way putting yourself first helps you make a deeper impact on others’ lives (15:04) 
  • The strange way your rugged appearance makes your content resonate with and inspire more people (18:58) 
  • How to easily transform one piece of content into more than 100 pieces of content (21:15) 
  • Why Brad Pitt would suck at creating content (23:08) 
  • How “winging it” creates more authentic connections than meticulously planning content (37:37) 

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