EP 36: Flying Private Part 2! The Sh*t Your Financial and Business Advisors Don’t Understand.

A counterintuitive secret to becoming massively wealthy is to spend more money on materialistic things like a Rolls Royce or flying private. 

It will probably make you squeamish to drop that much cash on something that sounds silly, but nothing will catapult your confidence and growth faster. 

Most “wannabepreneurs” say that they need more time. But their tightwad spending habits say different.. You can either spend more money or spend more time. 

The most successful people understand their worth — which is why they’ll happily drop $20k to fly private. In this episode, I’m revealing how materialistic things evolve your mindset (and your business) more than anything else you could buy. 

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why your biggest supporters secretly want you to fail (4:41) 
  • The “First Class Ticket” trick that pumps your piggy bank with steroids (6:42) 
  • How to easily stack cash like a surgeon (15:02)
  • Why you make the biggest return-on-investment from silly materialistic purchases (even if it loses all its “value” after buying it) (16:29) 
  • Why nothing will bankrupt you faster than chasing money like a dog chases its tail (21:28) 

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